21 January 2007

Look at these!!!

I found these gorgeous old magazines at a market. They are "Australian Home Journal" and are dated from 1959 to 1962.
They have some lovely old recipes (and some not so nice ones, like Lamb Brain Pie) and knitting, crochet, sewing and craft patterns in them. They also have some interesting and funny (well they seem funny now) articles in them. For example - I am sure these "Heart to Heart" letters were answered by a man!!!

In case you can't read it, it is about a girl who thinks her boyfriend is not showing as much affection as he once did - here is the last paragraph of the answer -
" Be responsive and show some human warmth when your boy wants to display his affection, otherwise you'll get the fate you deserve and be left lamenting."

The advertisements amused me too. It seems that nothing has really changed in 50 years. We still want to lose weight and have a good figure. There were lots of ads for diet pills and potions. Thank goodness we don't have to wear a corset though!


2paw said...
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2paw said...

OK, it's bRains, bRains, not bains!! I typed BAINs all the way through and I can't even blame the heat!!!
No Brains for me thanks!! My childhood next door neighbours used to eat brain and walnut sandwiches and have crumbed brains: Yuck!!
I reckon it was a woman answering those letters: That was the way things were. I can't believe how lucky we are now: Her fault indeed!!!

Briony said...

Thank goodness we didn't live in those days!
Thanks for sharing.

Zanna said...

Fascinating! Amazing how things have changed in our lifetime - not all for the better - but these ones certainly have

jen said...

Yuk brains...not for me !!!

Aren't those older magazines fascinating...thou makes me glad times have improved for the better in lots of ways..


White Rose Boy said...

I love looking at old magazines, never cease to provide a interesting read.

Mary said...

How funny are these! I love looking back at media through the ages.

chickychriss said...

You found some real treasures there!

Melinda said...

What wonderful treasures you have found....I just love the pictures of all those old fashions.