25 February 2007

All is well

All is well in my part of the World and I hope everything is wonderful at your place.

Another week has flown by. I can't believe it is almost March already!

I have been wanting to make this Licorice Allsorts Tea Cosy since seeing a pic of one on my travels through the net. Dear daughter has been knitting some lovely cosies lately for presents and I happened to stumble across this one while looking for ideas. I couldn't find a pattern, so I made this up. It turned out quite well though and looks cute in my 1960's kitchen. The trouble is (you know me), I now have the urge to make another different one. Maybe a black cosie with a cat on it?

Have a great week everyone.

P.S. Still no alcohol has passed through my lips since Festivale!!!!

Here is my black tea cosy with pearl trimmings (for more refined days):

My teapot (which I bought for $1 at the op shop) now has a whole wardrobe of cosies. Thank goodness I am going to work today and don't have time to make another!!!

16 February 2007

Beautiful blue-haired fairy in my garden

Since I last "spoke" I have had another busy week.

We "survived" Festivale - we had a lovely time but - I drank too much wine, didn't eat enough to compensate the wine, listened to some great music, had a very long, wobbly walk home, a lost (hungover) Saturday and am now a tea-totaller - well at least until my hangover memory fades! So far it has lasted all week!!!

I had fun with my three littles on Monday and Wednesday, work Tuesday and Thursday and today has been housework and blogging with my littlest here to help me. As you can see she is quite happy either dancing in the garden with her blue wig on, colouring in, playing computer games, watching TV or walking to buy bread with "Branny". She starts kindergarten next Tuesday.

Eating has been OK this week except I have now eaten 12 out of 16 of my Valentine's Day Ferrero Rochers. YUMMMMO!!!! Trouble is - every time I eat one, I eat four!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone.

09 February 2007

Long time no blogging

Hello all! We had a lovely time at the beach and since then this week seems to have flown. I haven't had time to post or read blogs, unfortunately. I hope to catch up with you all at the weekend.
Here are my glasses. As you can see, I'm still not totally happy. They are slightly better, but not perfect. I have to keep them this week and try to get used to the fact that squares are wider on one side than the other when I look at them!! That will be interesting. I am trying to keep an open mind and get used to them, but it isn't easy. Seven hours of typing and looking at the computer screen on Tuesday should tell the tale. This "old age" business is SO frustrating at times. It is a natural process for our eyes to need assistance to focus as we get older. It may be natural, but it is ANNOYING!!!

Tonight we are going to "Festivale" (www.festivale.com.au) a wine, food and music fest in the park, so that should take my mind of my troubles. We are driving and then walking home afterwards (7km), so the 7km walk, combined with my tramp jogging this morning should make up for the many indulgences I will have tonight!??!!??

Have a lovely weekend everyone

02 February 2007

Off to the beach

Yay, we are off to the beach for two nights. You know how much I LOVE the beach!

Gee, the week goes so quickly now I am working on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I had another great week this week.

I had been looking forward to getting my new glases yesterday. They are NO GOOD!!! Can't read a Bl~%$y thing with them! Went back today and they are going to re-make them. There isn't enough of the reading part for me to see properly. I would have to go around with my nose in the air to be able to read at all! Now I have to wait another week. I have been wearing DH's glasses at work. Not a nice look!
I'M NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! I am also not convinced they will be ever right.

I have jogged on my tramp 3 mornings for 30mins and used the crosstrainer for one 30min session this week, so that's not too bad. Not going well on the eating front though. I'm having a hungry week. Scales are not looking good. Hope it is only temporary or it will be "back to basics" for me soon.

Have a lovely, restful, happy weekend everyone!