05 March 2007

Little Teddy and Tiny Teddies and Salad

Little Teddy

Here is a little teddy bear that I knitted the other night for a friend's new baby daughter. It is such an easy pattern and I found it by doing a search for "Little Teddy Knitting Pattern". Oh, I love the internet!

Tiny Teddies

My three littles have been staying the last three nights while their parents are away on a business trip to Melbourne. I made the green tiny teddy for littlest and then dear grandson decided he would like an orange one. I then made him the orange teddy and eldest grand-daughter (we are never too old for a teddy I say) chose yellow. I am minding the teddies while they are at school today. The three children have been so wonderful. They are a pleasure to have to stay. It makes me admire their parents even more for their hard work in managing three children while working and studying.

This is a yummy salad for hot days. - serves 2

Mix together -
1 cucumber diced("burpless")
snow peas or sugar snap peas diced (raw)
8 olives (optional)
1 tomato diced
2 teaspoons white vinegar
1/2 to 1 teaspoon sugar (I always sprinkle sugar on tomatoes to take away the acid)
small bunch of parsley chopped
small bunch of mint chopped

I am working Thursday and Friday this week, so I'll "talk" to you after the weekend. Have a good one!!!


2paw said...

Oh your Tiny Teddies are so cute!! I am glad you are having a lovely time with the children!!

Anne said...

Very cute sweet little teddies. I come on here wondering what you are going to do next!!

I love time with the littlies too, always fun seeing things through young eyes and talking with them.

Chris H said...

Teddies are cute.. I have knitted masses of soft toys over the years too... none for quite a while though. There's something special about making them yourself.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Oh... so cute... I am making a fabric bag at the moment.. i think you would like it... do you like hand sewing???
It is all done with hexagons...
and scrap fabric... and wadding...
will take some pics for you to show you what i am up to...

ArleneWKW said...

You are absolutely inspiring me with your knitting. I checked the class catalog of our local Parks and Recreation and found that a knitting class is offered. Unfortunately it's already started, but I plan to sign up for a class if it's offered next time around. As a likely first-time grandma in August, I'll be interested in make such items and the tiny teddy.

chickychriss said...

The teddies are gorgeous... I'll bet they will be really treasured by your little ones..

Sarah said...

ohh they are soo cute!! Love the colours too!

"The Captain" said...

Teddies are cute. YOu have a nice site.