30 April 2007

History is made

I knitted my very first pair of socks at the weekend. Thankyou to Dear Daughter who gave me the needles and wool and thankyou to Cindy http://cindy2paw.typepad.com/2paw/ who posted a great pattern. After some help from Dear Daughter via phone and email, I can now knit socks at last. I have started my second pair and have some wool waiting for the next two pairs. I'm hooked!!!

27 April 2007

Eyes and Pterygium (click here)

I just love Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow. The latest one I have bought is "Berry Bloom". It really does stay on at least 12 hours. I apply the darkest colour on damp eyelids and then gradually go lighter towards my eyebrow. I use it every day and it lasts about a year. No - I am not on commission, I just love the product and I think it is good value for money.

I have never been one for using much makeup, but I love eyeshadow and mascara.
P.S. This is someone else's eye - not mine, but mine are hazel too, although there are more wrinkles around them and I have a Pterygium on one of my eyes (see below), probably caused by not wearing strong enough sunglasses, so be careful if you are outside in the sunlight! Slip, slop, slap AND don't forget sunglasses.

Here is my eye. My Pterygium doesn't interfere with my eyesight. It is creeping over the coloured part of my eye. If it grows over too far and starts to affect my vision I will have to have it surgically removed, but that will be the last resort. I'm not very brave! For information on the Pterygium click on my title "Eyes and Pterygium" above.

25 April 2007

What is natural and tastes like fruit?

No not fruit! Fruit chews. Lollies. Delicious chewy lollies. Not too bad for me if I could stop at one or two. But no. I eat them and eat them. I finish that packet. I tell myself - no more. I buy more. I eat them and eat them. They are so yummy!!!
HELP!!!! I'm addicted!!

What happened to carrot sticks and celery
sultanas and nuts
rice crackers


23 April 2007

Where is my parcel? - STOP PRESS - IT ARRIVED!

It could have taken 1 day 18 hours 46 minutes according to www.whereis.com - get directions -a great site that shows you how to get from place to place

I did love Ebay. I now have my doubts. It's funny how one rotten grape can spoil the whole bunch.
I bought a "buy it now" item. I paid for it straight away. The seller emailed me to say they received the payment promptly and it was "in the mail". I know it is a long way from WA to Tas, but 8 weeks!!!! Come on!!!!

I have had many emails from her....On it's way... I emailed after 7 days to check ....She had been having "trouble" and hadn't been home... I emailed and said OK, sorry for your trouble.... Waited another 10 days.... Nothing... Emailed and said I was upset... She emailed and said it was again "in the mail" ,... I said thanks... I waited, and waited and waited.... Now weeks later I have emailed and also left my first bad feedback in over 100 transactions and contacted Ebay. I have lost my money and received nothing. She emailed and said item was returned to her - she had sent it to the wrong address - she will re-send it! - Sure she will!!!????
I have lost faith in her and Ebay. Such a shame!!! Such a pain!!!

STOP PRESS: My faith is restored! It arrived. And I received two of the items instead of one - for the mix-up. You all had more faith than me!!!

21 April 2007

Growing older gracefully

Thanks for all your comments. I love having blogging friends. I'm back and I'm blogging about ME. After all, that is what my blog is for isn't it?!

I have been asked quite a few times when, and if, I will let myself go grey or "embrace" the fact that I am getting older.

I have decided it will be many, many years from now.

I was born with a lot of dark hair. When I was a teenager I had long dark brown hair to my waist. When I was 27 I started to get a striking stripe of white hair across the front of my head. I hated it. I was always asked if I had put it there - NO I hadn't. When I was about 30 I started to dye my hair and I have ever since. I would be almost completely grey/white otherwise, so thanks to L'oreal it isn't that difficult to colour my hair. I normally have to put in a permanent colour every three to four weeks. So far it isn't damaging my hair. It is still quite shiny and not dry or split.

If I had been born a blonde maybe it would have been easier for me to accept the lightness of the grey and white appearing. But, having been so dark all my life, I really don't like it and I don't see why I should.

13 April 2007

To blog or not to blog - that is the question

Lately I haven't been posting. Why? I have nothing to say!

How boring!
I don't need to lose weight.
I don't feel like "creating".
I don't have any news.

I'm not really depressed, I'm just feeling indifferent. Strange for me - hope it passes soon. Until then ...................................

02 April 2007

Happy Easter!

Well the socks haven't happened yet but "Jemima" has! I bought some craft books at a market (3 for $1) and amongst them was the "The Book of Knitted Toys" from ABC for Kids. I fell in love with Jemima. Littlest didn't want me to knit one for her to take home but we thought it was a good idea for me to knit one to keep here. (That way I get to play with her when I am lonely). So here she is - complete with new dress and overalls.

Have a lovely, happy, safe restful Easter everyone!