25 April 2007

What is natural and tastes like fruit?

No not fruit! Fruit chews. Lollies. Delicious chewy lollies. Not too bad for me if I could stop at one or two. But no. I eat them and eat them. I finish that packet. I tell myself - no more. I buy more. I eat them and eat them. They are so yummy!!!
HELP!!!! I'm addicted!!

What happened to carrot sticks and celery
sultanas and nuts
rice crackers



2paw said...

They are natural and yummy though!! I like dusted jelly babies and liquorice allsorts!!! And sherbet. I do like baby carrots but there's something about lollies!!!!

Wanna_B_slim said...

I buy the natural lollies for my kids... they are all yummy...
But I am a stingy mum and they dont get them very often...
But yes I agree they are yuuuuuummmmyyyyyyy
They make them out to be good for you by saying natural.. but they are still full of sugar!!

Jenny said...

mmmmmm, maybe if you eat enough of them you will get sick of them lol....... Sorry not muc help here, I am like that with certain things when they are in the house, but once it's all gone, I don't even think of it, and wouldn't go out and buy more. They don't have any fat in them though......that's a positive lol.

Anne said...

I can think of worse things to be addicted to!! Don't know what to suggest other than just not buying them.

Chris H said...

Carrot sticks, celery- for rabbits,

Sultanas and nuts - for squirrels,

Apples and grapes - for giraffes,

Rice Crackers - for anorexics,

Fruit Chews - for US !!!

lol, enjoy, you only live once.