23 April 2007

Where is my parcel? - STOP PRESS - IT ARRIVED!

It could have taken 1 day 18 hours 46 minutes according to www.whereis.com - get directions -a great site that shows you how to get from place to place

I did love Ebay. I now have my doubts. It's funny how one rotten grape can spoil the whole bunch.
I bought a "buy it now" item. I paid for it straight away. The seller emailed me to say they received the payment promptly and it was "in the mail". I know it is a long way from WA to Tas, but 8 weeks!!!! Come on!!!!

I have had many emails from her....On it's way... I emailed after 7 days to check ....She had been having "trouble" and hadn't been home... I emailed and said OK, sorry for your trouble.... Waited another 10 days.... Nothing... Emailed and said I was upset... She emailed and said it was again "in the mail" ,... I said thanks... I waited, and waited and waited.... Now weeks later I have emailed and also left my first bad feedback in over 100 transactions and contacted Ebay. I have lost my money and received nothing. She emailed and said item was returned to her - she had sent it to the wrong address - she will re-send it! - Sure she will!!!????
I have lost faith in her and Ebay. Such a shame!!! Such a pain!!!

STOP PRESS: My faith is restored! It arrived. And I received two of the items instead of one - for the mix-up. You all had more faith than me!!!


Wanna_B_slim said...

Oh No Suzy..thats terrible. I havent ever had a problem with ebay... Well not yet anyway!
Dont let one person spoil it for you tho...Out of all your transactions one bad egg is pretty good odds dont you think!!!

2paw said...

Oh that's disappointing. I think most people are willing to give others te benefit of the doubt, but this is beyond the pale.

Chris H said...

I am always on edge when I buy things over the net... cos it's so easy to be ripped off. Shame you have had that experience, but it is an experience, and hopefully you will have learnt something? from it... like no money till goods recieved? Don't know if you can do that with ebay? Anyway, its not nice.

White Rose Boy said...

Eight Weeks is a long time and I'm not surprised you are upset.
However this is the first bad experience so don't let it effect future purchases.

kathrynoh said...

How frustrating! I've had a couple of bad ebay experiences but mostly they've been good. Hopefully she's just disorganised rather than dishonest and you'll get your stuff eventually.

Julie's journey said...

It doesnt take much to lose faith in something does it but then, voila, faith is restored. I am so glad your story had a happy ending. Enjoy your parcel.

missy vas said...

8 Weeks - I would have been livid and called A Current Affair - but at least she made up for it. I have just become ebay obsessed - I better be careful hey!
Have a great week. vxx