11 May 2007

When wool and a notebook can make you cry

Tears of joy that is! Today I received a parcel in the post. It contained a lovely box tied with a bow and inside was the most beautiful skein of wool and cashmere sock yarn and a pack of darning needles. A gorgeous Mother's Day present from Dear Daughter and family! I cried!

Yesterday the postman left me another parcel. A lovely card and "the Notebook" DVD from Dear Son! I cried!

I didn't cry from sadness. I cried because I love my "kids" and I am happy and proud to be their Mum, Mummy Dearest, Mother, Mother Dearest, Gran, Granny, Branny, "SuperGran" and Sue!

Dear Daughter and family are coming for breakfast on Sunday. Dear Son (as you know) is too far away to come, but we will no doubt talk to him on the phone.

Have a lovely Mother's Day with your families!


2paw said...

Oh how lovely for you Sue!! Your children really thought about what they would give you for Mother's Day, and I can tell youi are touched and happy, even though there are some tears!! Have a lovely day on Sunday!!

Jenny said...

It's lovely that you got such thoughtful gifts. I lived away from my Mum for a few years and missed her terribly - so I know how your kids are feeing.

Have a great Mothers' Day Suzy.

Zanna said...

We are so lucky to have such delightful children and grandchildren - I got a lovely early Mother's Day present too - two candles in holders - I am a candle freak! Have a lovely day on Sunday and enjoy the Notebook - a wonderful movie! Have you read any of Nicholas Sparks other books - they're all really good.
Z xx

DD said...

Glad you like them! Although you might curse me once you knit with the cashmere/wool, because it is a bit addictive! You might find you need more!!

Dear Daughter xx

kathrynoh said...

That yarn looks lovely and cashmere socks - how lush!

Did you open your presents early? Isn't that naughty? I actually got mine early (and unwrapped) because I'm not seeing my son on mother's day.

I've not seen The Notebook but have heard good things about it. Must watch it one day.

White Rose Boy said...

You certainly love your knitting don't you.

Briony said...

Oh, how lovely are your kids. I'm having my mother over for lunch today and my MIL for lunch tomorrow.
The Notebook is a lovely movie, but I bawl my eyes out every time I watch it, so be prepared with lots of tissues!!
Have a lovely Mothers Day.

missy vas said...

Bless. Its my first mothers day tomorrow. I am excited!

The Adventures of Amanda! said...

Hi Sue
I love reading your posts. You are down to earth and so thank for your life. It brings a smile to my face. BTW Happy Mothers Day!

ombites (mary) said...

Awww, Happy Mother's Day Suzy! :-)