25 June 2007

1kg weight - keeping motivated

Today when I was jogging on my tramp with a 1kg weight in each hand I was feeling a bit tired. I finished my 30 minutes and was putting down the weights and I said to myself "you idiot - imagine how tired you would feel if this 2kg of weight was on your body instead of in your hands - at least you can put it down!".

If you are feeling a bit unmotivated in your weight loss or healthier body program just pick up a kilo weight and really feel how heavy it is and imagine how grateful your body will be to be rid of that kilo forever. It works for me!

(here is my new flat screen monitor in the background - I love it! -I'm hoping for a flat screen TV next)

22 June 2007

Minus 5 degrees this morning!

OK, so winter is here! It was Minus 5 degrees at 7.30 this morning! I didn't sleep well last night but it was so cold that I stayed in bed anyway. At 8am I got up and turned on the local radio and they told me how cold it really is.

I felt like curling up by the heater with my breakfast but I made myself jog on my mini tramp for 30 minutes and that soon warmed me up.

Some of you may have noticed that I had to delete my last post about my favourite TV shows. My profile pic disappeared and I couldn't get it back until I deleted the post. Maybe I had too many photos in the post? Anyway I am back now.

I have been busy doing "I don't know what". Yes, I joined the Library (with dear Grand-daughter's help) and have been watching DVD's, reading and listening to CD's.

I have been working my usual two days a week and for the last two weeks I have been very worried about a dear friend of mine who lives in Adelaide and is in hospital with, as yet unidentified, bleeding into her brain. She is 57 and usually very fit and healthy. She suddenly developed severe headaches and was sent to hospital. She has had various scans and tests and is having a lumbar puncture today. I hope they soon find out what is wrong and can help her quickly. I haven't been able to talk to her because they are keeping her as quiet as possible. I am sending her positive vibes ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and hope all will be well soon.

06 June 2007

Facing a phobia

An old library from the past?

Recently Dear Eldest Grand-daughter celebrated her 14th Birthday. She and I had a lovely day of shopping and lunching and visiting the Library.

She is an avid reader, author, actress and musician and wanted to collect some CD's that she had on hold at the Library. She has been trying to talk me into joining the Library for some time now. I timidly walked in and it was full of happy people, some chatting, some reading, some looking up information on the computer. I soon began to relax and she showed me round and taught me how to use the computer reference. She explained to me that the reference Library was upstairs and things were quieter there, so people could study.

To many people visiting the Library is a common occurrence. Not to me! I now realise that have had a phobia of Libraries since I was very young!!

My earliest memory of a library is an ugly place at the back of our local Hall in the small town where I grew up. I can vaguely remember my Mum and I walking there (we didn't have a car) and she would spend hours (well it seemed like hours) choosing books. I can just remember lots of high shelves lined with dark, ugly books and a place where there were few people and no-one was allowed to speak out loud. Everything was in whispers. Nothing sinister happened to me there, but I hated the place!

Some years later a more modern library was set up in a small brick building in the corner of our local park. Mum and I still walked there. There was a tiny section of children's books - I had no interest in them. My Mum was an avid reader. She absolutely "ate" books. I just wanted to get out of there!

Our school library also did nothing to inspire me. My college library contained study rooms where we could go in small groups and "study" (well chat and giggle mainly).

When I read books now, I do so very quickly. Reading is not really an enjoyment to me. It is something that is done as quickly as possible for a purpose. Don't get me wrong - I like to read a well written book - I just read hundreds of pages in a day.

Isn't it strange how episodes from our childhood can have so much impact on our lives?!! Now I have finally faced my fear, I may just join the Library!