29 August 2007

The moon, some flowers and an easy chicken pie recipe

Here is my photo of the beginning of the lunar eclipse last night. Unfortunately I didn't capture a pic of the moon when it was really orange, but I have my memories. I was sneezing too much to hold the camera still.

I made this Chicken Pot Pie - hopefully it will be one of the last winter meals I will be cooking. I am so looking forward to salads :

2 chicken breast fillets (no skin) chopped into pieces
2 carrots - sliced in VERY thin slices
piece of red capsicum - diced
1 cup frozen peas
1 tiny tin of sweetcorn
dash of onion flakes
1 sheet low fat puff pastry

Sauce - 1 Pkt white sauce mix mixed as per packet- easy way

OR harder way (make your own white sauce).

Combine white sauce with:

curry powder to taste
black pepper to taste
1 teaspoon mild mixed mustard
1/2 pkt of chicken noodle soup

METHOD : Lightly brown chicken pieces in a pan sprayed with olive oil. Transfer chicken to a small casserole dish. Stir in carrots,peas, capsicum, corn and onion flakes.

Pour sauce over all ingredients. Top casserole dish with sheet of pastry and trim around edges. Pierce top of pastry in a few places and brush with beaten egg white.

Bake in 200 degree Celsius oven for approx 40 to 45 minutes.
This serves two or three large serves.
Serve with green whole baby beans and mashed sweet potato.

Yay for spring flowers!!!!!!

27 August 2007

Spring is in the air

We have had some lovely days lately. I re-potted plants during the weekend and spruced up the deck ready for wining (as opposed to "whining" about the long cold Winter)and dining during the Spring and Summer. Yay!!!

It seems not even the poor horses have escaped the flu this winter (equine influenza). Hopefully that outbreak can be contained soon.

I have so far been lucky (touch wood), even with most of those near and dear to me coughing, sneezing and spluttering all around me.

I WILL NOT get sick. I WILL NOT get sick........ I am fighting it off!!

Update 28/8
I am sneezing. My throat is sore. I am hot. I am freezing. I am coughing.

I WILL NOT get sick ..........

25 August 2007

Enough is enough!!!

I have been reading and hearing a lot lately about imported prawns containing antibiotics, toys being recalled because of unsafe parts and lead paint, and clothes containing poison being imported into Australia and being bought by us in good faith, but I was MORTIFIED today while shopping at the supermarket for my groceries! I decided to check my usual frozen beans that I buy and they were "Product of China". I don't have anything against beans grown in China if I bought them in China, but I do object to buying frozen beans in my local supermarket that are not grown and produced in Australia.

I buy fresh vegetables as much as possible, but I do buy frozen peas and beans most of the year. I try to support Australian made and produced items, but I haven't been checking closely enough, just simply taking things for granted.

I do blame the manufacturers who seem to be now caring far too much about their "bottom line" instead of the quality of their products. It seems it is now not safe to simply choose an item because it is made by a once trusted, well known manufacturer.

I have been too trusting. Not any more! My shopping will take quite a bit longer, but I don't care. Enough is enough!!!!!

03 August 2007

Bridge to Brisbane (click here for information)

Good luck to everyone running in the Bridge to Brisbane on Sunday, especially my Dear Son, who is running his first race - 12km.

The news here is that my Dear Daughter has been quite ill with Influenza. Thank goodness she is on the mend now.

We have had some brighter days - still chilly, but sunny at times.

I have lost the knitting bug at the moment and have been reading a lot.

Did anyone see the episode of Martha Stewart last week showing the pilates exercises and cardio on the mini trampoline (rebounder)? I have been telling you for the last two years what great exercise it is, and fun too! I mainly jog on it for half an hour. I love mine and it is still going strong after two years or more (from Kmart -no springs - under $50) - the gym has come and gone - the crosstrainer is collecting dust at the moment - the tramp is still my favourite exercise.