25 August 2007

Enough is enough!!!

I have been reading and hearing a lot lately about imported prawns containing antibiotics, toys being recalled because of unsafe parts and lead paint, and clothes containing poison being imported into Australia and being bought by us in good faith, but I was MORTIFIED today while shopping at the supermarket for my groceries! I decided to check my usual frozen beans that I buy and they were "Product of China". I don't have anything against beans grown in China if I bought them in China, but I do object to buying frozen beans in my local supermarket that are not grown and produced in Australia.

I buy fresh vegetables as much as possible, but I do buy frozen peas and beans most of the year. I try to support Australian made and produced items, but I haven't been checking closely enough, just simply taking things for granted.

I do blame the manufacturers who seem to be now caring far too much about their "bottom line" instead of the quality of their products. It seems it is now not safe to simply choose an item because it is made by a once trusted, well known manufacturer.

I have been too trusting. Not any more! My shopping will take quite a bit longer, but I don't care. Enough is enough!!!!!


M said...

Well said Suzy. I have been paying more attention to the signs on the fresh fruit and veges because I also try to buy locally grown produce as well. Now that I have some fancy shmancy Tupperware in the fridge I am finding that they are lasting a lot longer without rotting (sorry got off track for a minute LOL). But I do also buy frozen veges in case I haven't had time to buy fresh and I have never even thought to check where they were grown and packed. I just assumed it would be Australia.

Thanks to you I shall take much more notice in future. Thank you..

P.S. Would you buy Australian grown produce if you were holidaying in China? (I would)

Chris H said...

Totally agree mate. Though in saying that, hasn't your country been in the grip of a drought and production of crops has been seriously compromised? Suppose your food has to come from SOMEWHERE, but maybe not China eh?

2paw said...

I always read the labels to find the 'Product of' bit. As far as is possible I buy Australian, NZ and the EU at a pinch. It is sometimes a hard thing to do, but who knows how they grow things in China or elsewhere.
Chris H: we grow the best peans, peas, onions, potatoes etc less than an hour's drive from where Suzy and I live!! We process here for McCains, Bird's Eye etc. We should be able to buy our own peas and beans right here. I think that's why we're cross!!!!

kathrynoh said...

That is so shocking... why would anyone import stuff that is grown locally? I've been reading a lot lately about how bad it is to buy stuff that has to travel - so many resources spent on transport!

White Rose Boy said...

What is happening in China is a disgrace, it maybe the worlds fastest growing economy but they are not playing to the same safety & environmental rulebook that we use.
I have nothing against a world market on anything as long as we are playing the same game.
China has no respect for their own people never mind others, I saw a documentry recently where people living near rivers were dying of cancer due to the toxins their factories are dumping.
Safety in Chinese factories is non existant if a worker has a accident meanin they are unable to work they are just dumped and replaced, they also use slave labour especially involving Children.
The West has got to stop trade with this country until they come up to our standards.

rand(om) bites said...

I definitely prefer to buy locally made produce. It's definitely strange to see vegies imported from other countries and one that I don't feel comfortable with buying. My parents are farmers and I will always buy locally first but I better look twice now.

Kinda off topic but not, I read an interesting article about a woman who is boycotting everything "Made in China". Interesting - http://lindasyoga.blogspot.com/2007/08/boycotting-chinese-products.html

Christy_Ann said...

I couldn't agree more! And the wording on the packets can be quite mis-leading too. It's not until you read the fine print that you discover where it was really made/produced/packaged and who owns the company etc.

Dick Smith food products are made in Australia by Australian owned companies.


CaramelKitKat said...

Good on you Suzy. I was at the Salamanca Market yesterday, buying organic veg for tea, and was at a bit of a loss given the lack of choice...then I twigged: it's organic, and therefore SEASONAL. We get used to strawberries and avocados in winter and fennel and broccoli (sp?) in summer, but that sort of stuff has to come from somewhere where it is in season. Some Aussie made products cost more, but it would probably even out the bill if we also shopped seasonally. Some products are really hard to find, I'll be interested to see how you find it ;o)