27 September 2007

Light lunch

DH comes home for lunch nearly every day. On the days that I work I leave his lunch for him on the table. The other day he told me he wouldn't be home. I was quite pleased, as I was going shopping and to the hairdresser and I wouldn't have to worry about making him lunch. At the last minute he phoned and said he would be home after all. "Don't worry Dear, just a light lunch will do", he said. He did look startled when he walked in and saw his "light lunch" on the table.( I weakened and made him a ham and salad roll).

18 September 2007

I've lost half a bedroom

Infiniti MA200

Me at the controls.

We have bought a treadmill! It was delivered last night and it is now taking pride of place in my spare room. Should anyone with a small two bedroom house buy a treadmill? No. But we did anyway. I took a pic of me at the controls and I found a pic of the same treadmill to show you.

It is an Infiniti MA200. I love it! I haven't walked enough during winter and even though my weight is the same I have spread in the middle. It is about to go! I will walk/jog every day on my treadmill and see if I can change my shape by Christmas. I needed some new motivation and this is it. (rather expensive motivation, but it won't be wasted).

16 September 2007


Help! My clothes have shrunk!

Washing water too hot?????

OR Could this have something to do with it?????

I know what to do. I am just having trouble doing it at the moment.......

14 September 2007

R.I.P Mr O'Rourke

Did you ever have a teacher who really left an impact on you? Mr Rodney O'Rourke was one of those teachers for me. He was Senior Master of English at my school. He was a great teacher and a great person. At the time I left school at 15, I thought he was quite old. I realise now he must have only been 31!!! His nickname was "Sergeant" (from Sergeant O'Rourke - F Troop). He was firm, but fair in his dealings with students. I just read in the local paper today that he died this week at the age of 66. I know he only recently retired and I am so sorry to hear of his sudden passing. He had gone on to achieve quite a high position within the Education Department. I ran into him some years ago in the street and he was interested to know how and who I was now, and all about my children. I am sorry he didn't have much time to enjoy his retirement. R.I.P Rodney O'Rourke. I hope you are having a beer with my Dear Dad (also a teacher and colleague of Mr O'Rourke's).

Me in 1971 (B Class -now called Grade 10)

09 September 2007

Sleep - or lack of it

View from my deck early this morning

Lately I have had many nights when I wake up about 2am and can't go back to sleep. I toss and turn for a while and then usually get up about 3.30 or 4am. This happens about twice a week, or sometimes more.
During that time I often think of my Mother (who is no longer with us). She was almost 41 when I was born and when I was a teenager I can remember quite often waking up in the middle of the night and she would be washing the floor or sitting in the lounge reading. I couldn't understand why she wasn't sleeping. I loved to sleep long hours and sleep in most of the morning at weekends.
I realise now that she was in her 50's at that stage and was going through the same things that I am now. She didn't complain and she didn't talk about it.
I am lucky now that I have the choice of reading, watching TV, watching a DVD or playing on my puter when I can't sleep. She had no technology to help her pass the time. She did love looking at the sunrise and also watching the mountains appear (The Great Western Tiers)and she gave me an appreciation of those things too.

08 September 2007

My new lunch box

Sarah (http://www.livingtofeelgood.blogspot.com) asked us to post our meals for three days this week. That didn't quite happen for me, but I am posting details of my great new lunch box that I take to work.
It is made by Sistema and it is made in New Zealand. I love it! It's called a quaddie.

It has a place for my almonds and sultanas, English breakfast Tea bags, Natural Yoghurt mixed with frozen raspberries, and then underneath is my Wholegrain roll with turkey slices, cranberry sauce, sprinkle of grated parmesan and lettuce and an apple. I also take two plain biscuits (crackers) and a cube of Laughing cow cheese (light).
I also take two 600ml bottles of water (out of my tap at home, as the water at work is disgusting).

As you can see, I certainly don't go hungry!

03 September 2007

What an inspiration!!


I first watched this clip on a morning show a couple of months ago and I cried.

What an amazing voice this man has! He went on to win the competition and has just released his first album - Paul Potts - One Chance. He has also started a World tour.

What an inspiration he is. He knew what he wanted in life and, even though he is shy and unassuming, he gave it his best shot and he will now achieve his dream. He has touched the hearts of millions of people Worldwide, no matter what type of music they usually like.

01 September 2007

Yay! I'm wireless.

Well as wireless as I need to be anyway.

How exciting! DH has a new Laptop for work and now I can play on it at night and during the weekend. I have set up my internet with a wireless modem and I can now blog from my couch or my deck or even my bed! My PC is only a few metres away in another room, but it feels so much better not to be wired up.

DH is having fun on the PC with his running stats and I am watching TV and blogging and keeping warm. I have also set up his new mobile phone and bluetooth handsfree for him today. He has no patience with new technology and I love it, so I get to play with everything first.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads. Hope you all have a lovely day.