08 September 2007

My new lunch box

Sarah (http://www.livingtofeelgood.blogspot.com) asked us to post our meals for three days this week. That didn't quite happen for me, but I am posting details of my great new lunch box that I take to work.
It is made by Sistema and it is made in New Zealand. I love it! It's called a quaddie.

It has a place for my almonds and sultanas, English breakfast Tea bags, Natural Yoghurt mixed with frozen raspberries, and then underneath is my Wholegrain roll with turkey slices, cranberry sauce, sprinkle of grated parmesan and lettuce and an apple. I also take two plain biscuits (crackers) and a cube of Laughing cow cheese (light).
I also take two 600ml bottles of water (out of my tap at home, as the water at work is disgusting).

As you can see, I certainly don't go hungry!


kathrynoh said...

That's a great lunch box. It's always so much easier to eat well when you have all the stuff ready to go :D

2paw said...

It is an excellent lunch box and such an healthy well organised lunch!! When I was still at work I would be organised for about 3 days and then I would fall in a lunch heap!!!

Jenny said...

Suzy, what a fabulous lunch box. Makes my crackers, tin tuna, banana and mandarin sound rather lame lol....... Mind you, even though where I work has tank water, I can taste the tank, so I take my own water too. The water cooler is okay, so I refill from there if I have to, but the tap in my room is tastes revolting.

rand(om) bites said...

What a great box! It'd sure help with the motivation to keep making your own lunch too. I bought a new lunch pack but it's not as snazzy as yours but it helps :-)

jen said...

Suzy, I love that lunchbox...I want one too!!!

Catherine said...

My daughters have identical lunchboxes and they're great. The only down-side is when it comes to washing and draining them - with all those lids on top, it's hard to balance them in the dishrack so that the water runs out!!

Chris H said...

What a cool lunchbox, how neat that it came from here!

Julie's journey said...

A great lunchbox and so well organised - you have covered everything. It puts my little Harrod shopping bag and various containers to shame but I know the reaction from the guys at work let alone my DH if I turned up with one like yours. But I might give it a go.

ArleneWKW said...

Lunch boxes and chicken pie and wireless hookups. I'm catching up.

1. I'd like you to pack lunch for me. Yours sounds yummy and healthful.

2. Chicken pot pie. I love it. Ooops, I just remembered: I've decided to do mostly vegetarian. (I was a veggie when I got rid of the 65+ lbs.) However, tofu pot pie would work. I'm going to have to think about making it - really to stop the thinking and start the cooking.

3. Wireless hook-ups. I've been going nuts these past several weeks because mine works for awhile and then stops the connection. It has cut out more than once when I've tried to comment on people's blogs. I'm rushing to end this before the connection is gone.

Thanks for all your comments and support on my blog.

Susie Q said...

Now that is a great lunchbox! And it is filled with all manner of wonderful things! Healthy and organized and delicious!