03 September 2007

What an inspiration!!


I first watched this clip on a morning show a couple of months ago and I cried.

What an amazing voice this man has! He went on to win the competition and has just released his first album - Paul Potts - One Chance. He has also started a World tour.

What an inspiration he is. He knew what he wanted in life and, even though he is shy and unassuming, he gave it his best shot and he will now achieve his dream. He has touched the hearts of millions of people Worldwide, no matter what type of music they usually like.


Julie's journey said...

I heard him for the first time last Wednesday and saw the clips how it all came about. It brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. Such an incredible talent and I have put his CD on my birthday wishlist.

B said...

Wow, it had me in tears too. Not unusual for me though, I always get goosebumps and cry when I hear such a brilliant voice! Thanks for bringing it to our attention, will definitely buy the album.

White Rose Boy said...

Never heard of him, but he can sing.

Chris H said...

Oh Suzy, that was just awesome, I'm still in bed and I cried! And I am not even a fan of Opera!!! Thank you for showing that. Hope you have a fabulous day mate.

M said...

When I first read about him, on news.com.au I immediately went and had a look at the clip. I have watched it countless times and is a favourite on my web list. I also loved the first rendition by Connie - the little girl in the same competition. Goosebump stuff.

I saw the ad for this cd last night on the tv and said to Mark that I was going to go out and buy it. Support the talent I say.

Thanks for the chills LOL

jen said...

Never heard of the man...but geeeeee I like his voice!!

M said...

I know that DH just bought this for me for my birthday. Whooot. Means I get to listen to it on the weekend. Will let you know what the CD is like..

Have a great weekend Suzy, we are having a long one due to APEC. Wish we could have it without all the helicopters flying overhead though. Gives me the creeps..

Susie Q said...

I saw him on The Today Show from NYC and was amazed! And he seems like such a sweet, dear man too. Very humble!

I always cry when I hear such a beautiful voice.

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! IT led me here and I have really enjoyed reading through everything!
Oh but you live in a beautiful part of the world!

I will be back often!