29 October 2007

Summer Glow and a cat with attitude

This plant should climb and give us a bit of privacy

My new cat

It is a miserable day here today. Windy, rainy and cold. Assuming that we get a summer I have been re-potting more plants for the deck. I also bought this cute cat with attitude.

I bought some Dove Summer Glow body lotion today. I did have a couple of bottles of Johnson's Holiday lotion left but it smells awful now! I use other Dove products and really like them, so I will try the lotion. It is supposed to give a light tan after about five days and it certainly smells nice and feels lovely on my skin. I only use it on my legs. I have very fair skin and consequently lots of freckles, so I need a light tan without too much sun. I will let you know the result next week.

Have a lovely week everyone!

26 October 2007

Sugar Monster Lecture

I am having a LOT of trouble with the Sugar Monster lately. He is invading my supermarket trolley and then my cupboards. I must resist him at the supermarket. If I can't find him in my cupboard, I will eat something healthy instead.

I was so motivated and dedicated while I was losing weight and now I am maintaining I am becoming very slack. It is not good. It can't last. I don't have the motivation to take off the weight that will creep back on if I don't stop this habit before it becomes worse.

It does no good to walk 10km one day and then eat packets of lollies the next day.

End of lecture to myself.

20 October 2007

My 10km walk

We aren't going to Burnie tomorrow for the Burnie Ten as DH still has an injury and can't run. He should be resting his ankle, but instead went on a 50km bike ride out into the country and back.

While he was away, I decided to do a 10km walk on my treadmill.I set the treadmill to 6km an hour (100 minutes for 10km). 6km/hour seems to be my comfortable limit on this treadmill. I usually walk faster in a race (about 83 minutes for 10km), but I find the treadmill very different.

All went well until 9.86 km, when the treadmill beeped 5 times and stopped! OMG, I thought, I have killed my treadmill. I was rather worried, because it is quite a powerful treadmill and can be set up to 16km per hour. I was about to phone the sports store where I bought it and I decided I had better read the instruction manual. Sure enough, the manual told me that when the time reaches 99 minutes, the treadmill will beep 5 times and STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness there is nothing wrong with it. I will have to limit my walks to a maximum of one hour in future, or hit the road again.

Not much other news at the moment. My broadband seems to be slower since I installed the wireless router to my modem. I have increased the speed with my internet provider for a month (for an extra $10 a month),to see if that makes a difference. I'm not convinced yet though.

14 October 2007

My new little friend

I bought three Chat Cams. DD and I have set ours up and Mr Postman has delivered one to Queensland to DS.

I have been having great fun with my new little friend. He sits on top of the puter and lets me see my kids when I talk to them through space. Here he is waiting patiently on top of the laptop. My tiny kids have shown me drawings and my middle sized one showed me her first hat knitting effort and DD and I have been having long chats about life in general and toasting each other with a glass of wine through cyberspace.
I am now waiting patiently for my Queensland "kids" to set their cam up. They have had lots of electrical storms, so between that and work and travel, they haven't been able to link up with me yet.

I am LOVING my treadmill! I am using it nearly every day and feel much better for it.

Not much other news here. I have worked a bit extra the last couple of weeks due to other staff holidays. I have been spring cleaning. I'm still waiting for some warmer weather and Bbq's, but I guess it will come soon.

Hope all is well in your World.

Look closely and you will see the beautiful rainbow that I found in the sky yesterday.

03 October 2007

Luck at the Races

DS's horse didn't run a place this time, but I am sure another win isn't far away!

Dear Son has been home for a few days. He spent one night here and shared himself around the rest of the time. It was lovely to see him. On Sunday his horse was racing and DH and I decided to go. We only go to the Races once a year or so. I didn't have a bet on the first race, but by the second race I was in the spirit. I looked at the names of the horses in the race and "Tiny Miss" jumped out at me. DD calls her smallest daughter "Tiny Madam", so I thought it may be an omen. I had a $2.50 each way bet ($5)and ......she won!!! I collected $244!!!!!!

I may buy a webcam or three with my winnings. I don't know much about them, but it would be nice to see the "kids" when we chat.