10 November 2007


I haven't had much fun this week! I managed to work my two days, but I shouldn't really have been there spreading germs. I went to the Doctor today and I have Bronchitis and I'm close to pneumonia. I have antibiotics and need to rest for another week. No exercise! That means two weeks without exercise! Not good!
Actually I certainly don't feel like doing anything at the moment.
Health is a very fragile thing isn't it?! Most days I feel like springing out of bed and I look forward to the day ahead. This week - bang - no motivation, feel so tired and ill, coughing and spluttering and sneezing and having to drag myself around to do anything. I don't like it at all.
I hope the tablets soon kick in.


Zanna, travelling tart, now back in residence said...

Oh you poor thing, I do hope you feel better soon but meantime take it easy and look after yourself - you don't want it to end up with pneumonia.
Z xx

Chris H said...

Awww dats no good Suzy... you take care of yourself now!!! Take all your medicine and stay in bed! Hope you are well soon.

Me said...

Hi Suzy - I hope that it won't be long until you are feeling much better.
Take care and look after yourself !

Matt said...

2 weeks without exercise and no pneumonia is better than doing exercise and getting sicker. Trust me - I know the value of good health

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Sorry to hear how sick you had gotten... yuk... Get well soon Suzy!

rand(om) bites said...

Oh Suzy! I hope you are feeling better now. Forget exercise when you just need to rest.