25 February 2008

Wow! I made some sushi!

I bought a sushi mat the other day. I have never attempted to make sushi before. It was great fun (apart from when my rice cooker - my favourite kitchen gadget - decided to die and I had to cook the rice in a saucepan). They turned out well.

I spread the seaweed with:

Cooked and cooled short grain rice to which I had added a splash of rice wine vinegar, some black pepper and some juice of a lime and a sprinkle of sugar.

Long fresh Tasmanian garden pea sprouts.

Slithers of yummy Tasmanian smoked salmon.

A dab of home-made low fat mayo drizzled along the top.

All rolled up with my sushi mat and voila .....

Who needs to go to the sushi takeaway shop - not me!!!!!

I found a lamp base on ebay and it arrived today. I love it! So happy - base $17.50 (including postage) and leadlight shade from the market for $4. (It is actually dark pink glass - this is not a good pic, but you get the idea).

23 February 2008

I went out to lunch and I accidently met........

Nannette - Wanna - WannaBslim (http://wannabslim.blogspot.com/)

I had gone out to lunch with some old work friends. We were nearly finished and I saw two people come in to the restaurant. I thought I knew them. OMG I thought, is that Nannette and her DH, Mark. I couldn't tell anyone - they don't know about my blog. I just waited till my friends said their goodbyes and I bravely went over and grinned at this gorgeous girl, who I hoped was "wanna", cause if she wasn't she would wonder who this nutcase was who was grinning at her like a cheshire cat. I asked her if she was Nannette. Yes!

She wasn't sure who I was until I told her. She and Mark then recognised me and we had a laugh and a chat. We didn't have a camera. I let them get on with their lunch and I walked home.My house is only a short distance away. While I was walking I decided it really needed to be a "kodak moment" and as we had originally found each other (as bloggers do) in cyberspace, our first real meeting needed to be recorded. I drove back with my camera and Mark took a photo and we had a longer chat.

It was lovely to meet them. They are both really nice and Nannette is gorgeous!

18 February 2008

Yo-Yo maker

I bought this today. A Clover "Quick Yo-Yo maker". I haven't sewn these for years and I have never used a template for them before. At first I thought it was too slow, but after using it a while I really like it. I am not one to measure things and with this little device you don't have to. Simply place the material between the templates, cut around them and sew through the ready make holes in the template. Draw in the cotton and voila - a dear neat little "yo-yo". I didn't even know they were called "yo-yo's".
Now - what to do with them - keep on making them and maybe they will become a quilt!! ??

This is what the large circles look like - they aren't very large though - 4.5cm diameter.
I also bought a small flower template. I haven't tried that one yet. They come in hearts too, but they were out of stock.

More fun than housework on a hot day.

13 February 2008

Rice paper rolls

Oh, yum. I don't know why I haven't made these before. They are so easy and delicious and healthy. The rice papers only take a couple of minutes to prepare. Soak them in water and pat dry and fill and roll up.

Last week I made some with prawns and noodles and vegies. Today I just filled the rice papers with:

Chopped snow peas
grated carrot
vermicelli noodles (these little nests are so easy to prepare)
squeeze of lime juice
dash of soy sauce

I made a dipping sauce of:

soy sauce
sweet chilli sauce
lime juice (I sometimes add some low fat mayo to this sauce and make it creamy)


My doctor's visit ended up to be a marathon. My blood pressure was unusually low. She thought she heard something wrong with my heart. I had an ECG - all OK. I was sent for blood tests - all OK.
I have stopped all my BP medications and am now only taking a diuretic. She thinks it was a sudden drop in blood pressure that caused my "episode" before Christmas. She was too worried about my heart to listen to my story about mushrooms. I will take that up with her next time. For now I am pleased that I am fit and well and no longer have high blood pressure. I have been on BP medication since my late 20's.
My red wine is doing its job for my cholesterol. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) and all is well.

04 February 2008

Lots of shopping at the market

I bought some lovely things at the market yesterday:

A lovely pinky/purple leadlight lampshade for $4 - I will buy an antique-look base and show you how it looks when it is complete.

A little Royal Doulton "Roses and Wattle" plate. I actually collect "Roses", but I couldn't resist this little buy for $1!

A dear little glass/crystal plate ($4), which I will use for jewellery beside my bed

and a gorgeous necklace which is silver with purple crystal hearts in the shape of a four leaf clover. It is hard to see in the pic, but it is lovely. This was an early Valentine's Day present from my DH (I kindly informed him after I chose it, he's a darling!).

All in all, I had a fun time.

I have joined a book club and have bought:

Nigella Express
Nigella Feast
Karen Martini Where the Heart is
and Kylie Kwong Simple Chinese Cooking

All for $38.95 plus a free Wok and accessories thrown in.

Hopefully I will soon be cooking up a storm.

Next I am thinking about buying Bill Granger Holiday and a book about herbal medicine.

I have also been buying on Ebay - The Secret DVD, some Grace cosmetics and a Revlon eyeshadow. All at bargain prices.

I had to go and collect my new glasses today. I have been hanging out for new glasses for a year. My last ones were terrible. I have been back to my original Optometrist and I have new lenses in my original first frames, which are light and so lovely to wear. I am happy again. They will take a little getting used to, but they already feel heaps better than the others.

I left my other glasses there to be donated to someone who needs glasses and can't afford them. I only hope someone can use them and enjoy them more than I did. As the receptionist said though - someone will be grateful to be able to read with them.

I know - I've been spending too much lately, but who cares - I still have all next year's wages to get yet!!!

I have been missing my children. They are all away by the beach at the moment. Even though I don't see them every day, I still know they are here and so I do miss them. They are having a lovely time though and school will be back soon enough and they will all be too busy to relax again, so I am pleased they are having fun.

Tomorrow morning before work I am finally seeing my GP. She only works two days a week and consequently is hard to make an appointment with. I have booked a double appointment as I need a full service, cut and polish. It will be interesting to see what she thinks of my episode of fainting and also the fact that I have taken myself off one of my tablets....... Wish me luck ........