04 February 2008

Lots of shopping at the market

I bought some lovely things at the market yesterday:

A lovely pinky/purple leadlight lampshade for $4 - I will buy an antique-look base and show you how it looks when it is complete.

A little Royal Doulton "Roses and Wattle" plate. I actually collect "Roses", but I couldn't resist this little buy for $1!

A dear little glass/crystal plate ($4), which I will use for jewellery beside my bed

and a gorgeous necklace which is silver with purple crystal hearts in the shape of a four leaf clover. It is hard to see in the pic, but it is lovely. This was an early Valentine's Day present from my DH (I kindly informed him after I chose it, he's a darling!).

All in all, I had a fun time.

I have joined a book club and have bought:

Nigella Express
Nigella Feast
Karen Martini Where the Heart is
and Kylie Kwong Simple Chinese Cooking

All for $38.95 plus a free Wok and accessories thrown in.

Hopefully I will soon be cooking up a storm.

Next I am thinking about buying Bill Granger Holiday and a book about herbal medicine.

I have also been buying on Ebay - The Secret DVD, some Grace cosmetics and a Revlon eyeshadow. All at bargain prices.

I had to go and collect my new glasses today. I have been hanging out for new glasses for a year. My last ones were terrible. I have been back to my original Optometrist and I have new lenses in my original first frames, which are light and so lovely to wear. I am happy again. They will take a little getting used to, but they already feel heaps better than the others.

I left my other glasses there to be donated to someone who needs glasses and can't afford them. I only hope someone can use them and enjoy them more than I did. As the receptionist said though - someone will be grateful to be able to read with them.

I know - I've been spending too much lately, but who cares - I still have all next year's wages to get yet!!!

I have been missing my children. They are all away by the beach at the moment. Even though I don't see them every day, I still know they are here and so I do miss them. They are having a lovely time though and school will be back soon enough and they will all be too busy to relax again, so I am pleased they are having fun.

Tomorrow morning before work I am finally seeing my GP. She only works two days a week and consequently is hard to make an appointment with. I have booked a double appointment as I need a full service, cut and polish. It will be interesting to see what she thinks of my episode of fainting and also the fact that I have taken myself off one of my tablets....... Wish me luck ........


2paw said...

What lovely finds, and such good bargains!! You'll love all those cook books and all for the price of about one book too!!! Good luck with your appointment!!

Chris H said...

Woo hoo to a successful shopping trip! Love the purchases too. You are like me, good at finding a bargin.

Em said...

Hope all goes well with the drs tomorrow.... looks like you have done extra well with all your buying; some lovely items you have there.

kathrynoh said...

Nice going with the shopping. Sounds like you've got lots of bargains :D

Jenny said...

You have found some lovely little 'treasures' there.

Hope you go well at the GP's tomorrow. Report back so we know how your 'overhaul' went.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Hope all went well with the GP...
Dr's here in town are terrible to get into!!!
I looooove the markets.. maybe that where we could catch up oneday!!!
I havent forgotten..just life is soooo hectic.....
Love your bargains... you will have let let me know what the dvd is like...
I havent seen it yet...
Take care..
Oh and what do you think of all this rain!!!!!

rand(om) bites said...

Hehe, I finding treasures. I hope it all goes well with the GP! x

jen said...

ohhhhh don't we all just love a bargain...love the early valentine pressie!
All the best fro your Dr appointment....

Living to Feel Good said...

Love the rose plate. What a steal! I actually collect those myself!