13 February 2008

Rice paper rolls

Oh, yum. I don't know why I haven't made these before. They are so easy and delicious and healthy. The rice papers only take a couple of minutes to prepare. Soak them in water and pat dry and fill and roll up.

Last week I made some with prawns and noodles and vegies. Today I just filled the rice papers with:

Chopped snow peas
grated carrot
vermicelli noodles (these little nests are so easy to prepare)
squeeze of lime juice
dash of soy sauce

I made a dipping sauce of:

soy sauce
sweet chilli sauce
lime juice (I sometimes add some low fat mayo to this sauce and make it creamy)


My doctor's visit ended up to be a marathon. My blood pressure was unusually low. She thought she heard something wrong with my heart. I had an ECG - all OK. I was sent for blood tests - all OK.
I have stopped all my BP medications and am now only taking a diuretic. She thinks it was a sudden drop in blood pressure that caused my "episode" before Christmas. She was too worried about my heart to listen to my story about mushrooms. I will take that up with her next time. For now I am pleased that I am fit and well and no longer have high blood pressure. I have been on BP medication since my late 20's.
My red wine is doing its job for my cholesterol. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) and all is well.


2paw said...

Yes, they are delicious. I had some over the Summer. I love the soaking part!!! Well, good news about the BP, now you just have to avoid mushrooms!!!

Me said...

Those look delicious and sound so easy to make - think I will have to have a go at making some in the near future.
YAY - glad to hear you are off your BP medication. I have suffered with low BP for quite a few years now - so glad it is low rather than high though.
Have a great week and take care.

kathrynoh said...

I've had the ingredients for rice paper rolls in the cupboard for ages - must get them out and actually make them :D

Good that doc gave you a complete exam. I get sudden drops in blood pressure, normally if stand up too fast, esp if I'm over-hydrated. It's a pretty yucky feeling - kinda like you're going to faint.

Em said...

I have never tried them , they do look nice though...glad all your tests came back clear, how good it must be not to have to take BP medication anymore....have a great weekend x

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

They are gluten free too... I have some in the pantry..just no time to get them out and think about what to put in them...

Chris H said...

I'm over my hissy fit, DIET COKE ROCKS is back.

jen said...

I too suffer with low blood pressure....glad you are no longer on meds for high BP thou.

Going to try those, they look very yummy...and something easy which I like even better.