26 March 2008

Bath Treats

I bought some bath bombs recently and then decided to start making my own. There are lots of easy recipes to be found on the "net". A great one can be found by searching "Brenda Sharpe Bath Bombs" (Thanks Brenda for making these instructions available).

Mix all dry ingredients first (except colour). Mix wet ingredients and colour in a small bowl or cup and gradually add in to dry ingredients while mixing and squishing with your hands. The mixture resembles damp sand (wear gloves). I pressed the balls together with my hands. I did buy a plastic small heart mould for the hearts.

I have fairly sensitive skin and these were fine for me. I also have an old style bath (not plastic). I don't know whether the colours would stain an acrylic bath.

I bought the ingredients:

Baking soda
Epsom Salts
Citric acid
Sweet almond oil
Small amount of Food colouring powder to make preferred colour
Borax - emulsifier

and some gorgeous pure essential oils (quite expensive, but only a few drops are needed so they last a long time)

Rose geranium

I wish you could smell them! I made some smaller hearts to be used as a foot bath. These are lovely for someone who isn't lucky enough to own a bath and can be used in a large bowl for soaking tired feet.


Chris H said...

How cool to make your own! I dont take baths , otherwise I would try making some too! Enjoy them.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh I love a good soak in the tub....
actually thanks for the idea.... The kids are at thier dads... and we have the FIRE going... yes.. blasted Tassie weather!!!!
So a soak in the bath is in order I am thinking....
hmmmm now.. I am sure I have some bath crystals Jo gave me somewhere.... Not as flash as your home made bath bombs thats for sure....

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Ha ha ha.. I consumed lots of rubbish over easter too....
I worked hard to have the good loss so I could indulge and i did.. a whole 250gm red tulip bunny and a bottle of scotch and potato bake and I even had some licorice too... I found some gluten free molassas licorice... quite yummm
and ttom turned up yesterday too.. so weighbridge isnt going to be kind to me tomorrow..
oh and i went to Kmart after work today and they had bags of red tulip solid mini eggs for $1.57... I couldnt leave them there now could i..... now where are they... still contemplating that bath.....

Anne said...

Love the new photo:-)

What a great idea making the bath bombs.

Anne said...

Thanks so much for your comment. Really very helpful and reassuring. I'm more and more convinced what is happening is a stage in my life. As with this weight loss journey - I'm not alone!

Living to Feel Good said...

That is so fun to make!! Makes me want to make some too. :)

Christy Ann said...

Wow, I have always wanted to make those... I am a real bath girl. Thanks for the instructions. Thanks too, for the cheesecake recipe. It's my DH's favourite, so I'll definitely give that a try too!

Jadey 0:-) said...

That is so cool. I remember years ago I was going to make my own bath bombs and I totally forgot about it.

This gives me a renewed interest. Actually a nice hot bath could go down well right now.