21 April 2008

Back in the land of the living

I'm much better. Thankyou for caring.

Thank goodness the anti-viral medication kicked in straight away and the pain went away yesterday. My face is slightly numb and still slightly swollen. The rash is almost gone. I have to take the tablets for seven days.

My advice to anyone who has a sudden severely painful rash or pain in the eye - go straight to the Doctor! I usually tend to put off going to a Dr for as long as possible, but something told me to go quickly this time and I am so glad that I did. If I every hear of anyone having Shingles again, I will certainly sympathise with them. The pain was almost unbearable.

Anyway - on to happier things..

I have been storing my bath bomb ingredients, essential oils etc. in a basket in the laundry. Our cat sleeps in the laundry at night. Our cat is an outside cat and is usually quite manic at times. In fact, I'm sure she sometimes thinks she is a guard dog.

Anyway, every morning I feed her and let her out of the laundry and she usually eats and then rushes out and clambers up the nearest fence, sharpens her claws and dashes about the yard like a maniac.

Since the oils have been in the laundry - not only does the laundry smell gorgeous - our cat is serene, calm and nothing like her usual manic self.

I thought I had discovered a new business for myself - Aromatherapy for pets - alas, a quick google search made me realise I'm too slow on the uptake and it has all been done before.

19 April 2008


No - not on my roof - in my eye!!!!

I started to get a painful eye and swelling around the eye last night. It became very painful. I bathed it in salt and water. After a restless night I was still in pain. I went to the After Hours doctor and she has diagnosed SHINGLES!
I wish I could have at least developed it on my arm or back and not my eye. It feels like someone is poking me in the corner of my eye with a metal knitting needle! Worse than the worst toothache I have ever had. I have some anti-viral medication and painkillers. Not helping much yet. If I am no better tomorrow, I have to go back to the Doctor.

I didn't even think I had ever had chicken pox, but apparently I must have had it in the past to have now developed shingles.

I don't have lots of spots - just a small red patch on my cheek below my eye.

Wish me luck to get rid of this pain quickly.

I'm such a ball of fun lately - NOT...

16 April 2008

Getting organised

Firstly, thanks for your messages about my injuries. I have been taking anti-inflammatories. I'm still not able to exercise, but I am feeling better.
Weight gain - not good, but I'm not stressing over it. I am trying to eat sensibly and I will try to make up for lost time when I am completely pain free.

I have sorted out my summer clothes and made way for winter ones - yay - that means I need to go shopping.

I have also made a Birthday folder. I'm sick of running out and buying cards at the last minute, so I decided to organise myself.

I now have a folder with cards, stickers and wrapping paper. I've made a section for each month and will list names on each monthly page. I don't spend a lot on cards, as I would rather put the money towards presents. Sometimes I make cards. This folder will be great for all cards though and will also remind me of Birthdays coming up.

Now I'm off to play with my photo Collage Creator. It came with my web cam when I installed it and I haven't had much of a play with it yet. I am planning to scan some old photos from the past and then put them together on a collage and print them and frame them. That will be a project for the winter though I think.......

07 April 2008

I'm falling to bits........

I have injuries. I can't walk without hip pain. My neck is aching. I don't know what I have done. I haven't been able to exercise for over two weeks and I am eating everything in sight! "Funny" how weight goes on much faster than it comes off.

Some real damage control will need to be done if I don't get my act into gear soon...