19 April 2008


No - not on my roof - in my eye!!!!

I started to get a painful eye and swelling around the eye last night. It became very painful. I bathed it in salt and water. After a restless night I was still in pain. I went to the After Hours doctor and she has diagnosed SHINGLES!
I wish I could have at least developed it on my arm or back and not my eye. It feels like someone is poking me in the corner of my eye with a metal knitting needle! Worse than the worst toothache I have ever had. I have some anti-viral medication and painkillers. Not helping much yet. If I am no better tomorrow, I have to go back to the Doctor.

I didn't even think I had ever had chicken pox, but apparently I must have had it in the past to have now developed shingles.

I don't have lots of spots - just a small red patch on my cheek below my eye.

Wish me luck to get rid of this pain quickly.

I'm such a ball of fun lately - NOT...


Me said...

Oh no SUzy - you poor thing. My Dad had shingles on his face and he was in lots of pain to. Lots of sympathy for you and I hope that it clears up as quick as possible.
Take care and look after yourself !

Zanna, travelling tart, back home in Central Queensland said...

Oh my goodness - how awful for you. Gee you've had a rotten spell of ill health these past few weeks. Hope the pain improves soon. Thinking of you. Love Z xx

Julie's journey said...

Oh Suzy, these are so painful. Hope you are better soon.

Jenny said...

Dear Suzy, you are having a bad run of things at the moment. I thought you'd be all better by now and fighting fit again. Shingles are so incredibly painful on your body, let alone in your eye. I forgot to check the date of your post,but I hope it's feeling much better by now.

Take good care of yourself, hope that husband of your's is giving you lots of TLC.

Chris H said...

Oh no! Dat is not good Suzy, I hope you can get on top of the pain soon. do you have any idea what set it off? I thought you had to be run down or under a lot of stress to bring on an attack of shingles? Poor you.

Dianne said...

Oh no I hope you are recovering well. Anything to do with the eye can be quite dangerous. Make sure you are seeing a good doctor. MY son gets a cold sore virus in his eye when he gets sick or run down. Look after yourself.