26 May 2008

Still no exercise

My presents included:

Crazy Grass and pot

Recipe Book, lovely hand knitted gifts, perfume, soaps, towel, stained glass turtle lamp, boots and clothes - I am a very lucky girl!

I had a lovely Birthday. It actually went on for several days, which was fun! Morning tea at work the day before, night away with DH and a lovely dinner and soothing spa, visit from my kids yesterday and lots of cards and presents.

I had a call from the Physician's Rooms and they had a cancellation and I was able to see him earlier than July.
He thinks my ailments may have been caused by a "virus". I will have more blood tests this week and will phone him for the results. He gave me "Mobic", which made me feel SO ill that I could only take a couple. I seem to be improving a lot though and I will sit tight and wait for the blood test results. Still no excercise, but at least I am managing housework and I'm sleeping better and I only have pain in one hip.

I hope you are all well and happy. xx

19 May 2008


Long time no blogging ......

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day. I did. Had a lovely breakfast with Dear Daughter and family and received lovely hand knitted socks, DVD voucher and lipstick - truly spoilt. Received some lovely pjamas in the mail from Dear Son. Took MIL out to lunch and generally had a lazy day.

I've been knitting still. These are more fingerless gloves for me. I also knitted gloves and two headbands for Dear Grand-daughter (almost 15) and gloves and a headband for Dear Little Grand-daughter (5)and gloves for Dear Daughter.

I've also been playing with my newest gadget - Sunbeam Pie Magic 4 - makes 4 pies. These were curried chicken - made with left over last night's roast chicken (cooked in George Roaster) mixed with white sauce, curry, peas and corn. Yummo! The pies only take a small amount of pastry and I use low fat puff pastry sheets. Guilt free pies as far as I'm concerned.

Guess what!!

I've been blogging for THREE YEARS!!!!!!

Thankyou for keeping in touch with me for all those years!

On the health front:

Not good I'm afraid.

I won't go into too much detail, except to say there has been yet another diagnosis for my ailments - Polymyalgia Rheumatica - I have an appointment with a Physician on the 1st of July. My symptoms of pain and inability to move much more than a short walk and basic housework remain. One of my blood tests was abnormal - pointing towards this diagnosis - I remain sceptical - I don't want to take Corticosteroids unless absolutely essential, due to side effects. I know no-one really wants to take them and I know that I may have to take them.
I have often tried to leave supportive comments to some of my blogging friends who have an arthritic condition without truly realising what they are going through - I now know.

It's my Birthday later in the week. DH is taking me to a nice little resort/retreat for the night. I'm really looking forward to it.

Take care everyone. xx

02 May 2008

Kel - Eat your heart out!

Beef and red wine sausages - made by me, with the help of my new George Foreman mincer and sausage attachment!

I don't actually like sausages much. I am always wary of what is in them. So, now I can make my own! I minced some lovely beef from the butcher and added some secret herbs and spices and a large dash of red wine and the result was delicious. Gluten free, low fat and extra tasty! I haven't quite mastered the size issue yet, but the taste is there. I will try chicken or pork next time, or maybe even vegetables.

Thanks to Dear Daughter, I have my knitting mojo back. I made these fingerless gloves and am now making a plain purple pair. Purple seems to be my colour this winter. I bought a pair of purple boots and a purple bag. I just stopped myself from buying a purple coat and opted for a steele grey instead, but purple looks nice with grey or black.

I still can't exercise. My shingles (I guess that is what has caused it) have left me with aching hips, knees, shoulders and neck. Not much of my body is left to exercise, so consequently I have no desire to move unnecessarily. It takes me a while to get going from a sitting to standing position and then I have pain when I walk.
My trampoline, treadmill, crosstrainer and exercise bike are all collecting dust and it upsets me to looks at them, or think about them. I am concentrating on knitting, reading, cooking and trying to eat healthily. Meanwhile - 2 kilos later - I am just hoping to maintain my weight at this level without growing too much more until I can exercise again. I am going to the Doctor again on Tuesday (for what it's worth).

Enjoy your weekend everyone xx