02 May 2008

Kel - Eat your heart out!

Beef and red wine sausages - made by me, with the help of my new George Foreman mincer and sausage attachment!

I don't actually like sausages much. I am always wary of what is in them. So, now I can make my own! I minced some lovely beef from the butcher and added some secret herbs and spices and a large dash of red wine and the result was delicious. Gluten free, low fat and extra tasty! I haven't quite mastered the size issue yet, but the taste is there. I will try chicken or pork next time, or maybe even vegetables.

Thanks to Dear Daughter, I have my knitting mojo back. I made these fingerless gloves and am now making a plain purple pair. Purple seems to be my colour this winter. I bought a pair of purple boots and a purple bag. I just stopped myself from buying a purple coat and opted for a steele grey instead, but purple looks nice with grey or black.

I still can't exercise. My shingles (I guess that is what has caused it) have left me with aching hips, knees, shoulders and neck. Not much of my body is left to exercise, so consequently I have no desire to move unnecessarily. It takes me a while to get going from a sitting to standing position and then I have pain when I walk.
My trampoline, treadmill, crosstrainer and exercise bike are all collecting dust and it upsets me to looks at them, or think about them. I am concentrating on knitting, reading, cooking and trying to eat healthily. Meanwhile - 2 kilos later - I am just hoping to maintain my weight at this level without growing too much more until I can exercise again. I am going to the Doctor again on Tuesday (for what it's worth).

Enjoy your weekend everyone xx


2paw said...

Oh how exciting that you can make your own sausages!!

I hope you are feeling a lot better very soon.

Matt said...

Those sausages look great.
I truly understand about your pain - especially when moving from sitting to standing positions. IT WILL PASS, so know where the rags are to dust off the equipment. Don't worry about any weight gain - just get better

ArleneWKW said...

Gosh I'm sorry to read of your health issues. Your warning re. seeing a doctor immediately when such warning signs show up is a good one. I also like your "getting organized" idea. I've been enjoying getting creative with birthday + holiday cards, but don't always have the time to do so when they are needed. Until your post, I'd never thought of doing them in advance. Thanks for still checking my blogs even though I haven't written them in quite some time. I didn't think that anyone besides my family would check out the Maddie videos. I'm glad that you did and that you enjoyed them.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Awesome sausages..and gluten free too! I struggle with sausages and so do my children... we all hate gritty sausages...Would be fun to experiment with your machine tho...will look forward to hearing about different versions..
Did it come with instructions/recipes?

Chris H said...

You can get a machine to make your own sausages! NOW that's something I have to get!!

Em said...

I havent seen them around...must look into this be so much better to make your own sausages.... I love purple and it does seem to be the colour this year that and grey .... so hope you feel better soon and can get back to exercising...take care x

jen said...

mmmmmmmmm yummy sausages, and homemade too !!

Purple is my all time favourite colour....but strangely its a colour I don't wear a lot of, maybe I should.

Hope you feeling better real soon.

Doug Bagley said...

Happy Mothers' Day!

missy vas said...

Those snags look great. I am sure they tasted great too!
Hope you are feeling better.
Happy Mothers Day for yesterday.