18 July 2008

Hello Dears
I've been busy knitting lately. These pics show some of my projects.
It is now about four months since I have been able to do any exercise. I did try once on my tramp for ten minutes and was unable to continue, due to pain in my hips and knees.
I still don't know what really happened to me - it was a "virus". I think I have nerve damage from shingles. If the right side of my forehead is touched slightly I have a feeling like an electric shock travelling over my head. Consequently I have cut my own hair, as I can't stand the thought of a hairdresser touching my hair! Otherwise, I am functioning fairly well during the day and mainly only have pain at night in bed. Most nights I sleep fairly well now though. I think I have become used to living with "it".
I have another appointment with the Physician on the 19th of August. I really just want to know whether he thinks this could be a consequence of shingles and whether I will eventually be back to normal.
On the weight front - don't even ask!!
I have joined an on-line knitting community "Ravelry.com". It is amazing! So many talented people from all over the World. Access to lots of free knitting patterns and ideas. I love it and it has saved me from moping around feeling sorry for myself. The local northern Tassie girls have had a few knitting afternoons and it was lovely to meet them all. Some had already "known" me through reading my blog! As you know, it's always nice to meet fellow bloggers!
If any of you like to knit or crochet at all - join Ravelry - you will love it!
Take care everyone. Hope you are all well and happy xx