17 November 2008

What have I been doing?

Apart from slowly recovering from shingles I have been
worrying about my son, who is training to be an Aviation Fire and Rescue recruit
and holidaying in Newcastle.


M said...

Well here we are :) What fate is it that we both picked up the blog today.

I love your photos - you look amazing. And I hope the holiday in Newcastle helped with the Shingles.
And how did you manage to update the "Blogs I follow" I have been trying to find that out myself.. Job for another day now :)

Anne said...

Another of my favourite bloggers is back! Good to see you again.

Hope youa re refreshed and rested after your holiday:-)

Chris H said...

Lovely to see you back Suzy.... I have missed you! Your photos are neat, love your sewing/knitting/baking!

Cinders said...

Good to see you back Suzy and glad you're on the mend from those Shingles.

Julie's journey said...

Hi Gorgeous
You look amazing and I cant believe you were just an hour from me and didnt let me know. I know I know you didnt know that fact either. Next time maybe. Glad to hear from you again - have missed you. Knitting on hold due to summer but am embroidering when I get the chance.

I am Slimming aka MissMegan1974 said...
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I am Slimming aka MissMegan1974 said...

Suzy, I just love that cardi, I wish I had the patience to knit. I hope you’re not suffering too much. Look after yourself wont' you. xx Megan