14 December 2008

My new Notebook

I have my Christmas present early. A beautiful Asus Notebook PC - I actually went to buy a Toshiba, but the salesman at Officeworks recommended this one. The keyboard is gorgeous. It has a full size keyboard and a numeric keypad, which DH and I really love. DH won't need to bring his laptop home now for me to use at night. He is very happy about that.

On Friday I went to Melbourne for the day - not shopping - I actually didn't venture far from the airport. Dear Son graduated as an Aviation Fire and Rescue Fire Fighter and his Dad and I went to his graduation. We were extremely proud of him. He was so glad to finish his training. Our flight home was delayed for FIVE hours, so we were all exhausted by the time we arrived home at midnight!

Dear Daughter had a birthday and Dear Son-in-Law graduated as a Teacher, so it was all happening this weekend.

Dear Grand-daughter is quite unwell with suspected glandular fever. I do hope she is feeling much better soon. She has had a huge year, winning lots of awards and being chosen as Deputy Head Prefect for next year. She really needs a rest.


M said...

Wow, congratulations on your sons achievements. You are rightly proud. We need such brave and selfless people..

And hope you managed to sneak in a bit of 'me' shopping whilst you were in the shopping capital of Aus LOL

Love your new notebook. As I sit here tapping away on my new Dell laptop, I wonder how we ever did without them LOL

Me said...

WOW - what an achieving family you have - congratulations ! I am sure that you are proud of all of them.

I do hope DGD isn't too sick with glandular fever - it can really knock some people around.

Love the new laptop - I think that is what we need to buy next time we have to replace our computer.

Take care and have a wonderful day !

jen said...

Love the new notebook...very flash !!

Congratulations on all the family achievements, you have so many reasons to be proud of them....
.....and hope grandaughter gets well soon.

Take care.

Anne said...

You family have all done so well - no wonder you are proud!

Hope your Grand daughter is ok.

Love the notebook:-)

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh I love my lap top too...
Lucky girl... I miss the numeric pad tho... i got a basic one..
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas... Please email / sms me so we can catch up after Christmas..I am on holidays til the 12th..woohooo maybe have lunch at that lovely cafe where you spotted me that day!!

Julie's journey said...

Congratulations on having such a multi-talented brood.

Hope your grand-daughter is feeling better. Glandular fever is not good.

I keep mentioning that it is time to update my laptop - hope someone is listening.