28 February 2009

Market finds and more spots

I have finally used all the spotty fabric - I only bought 2 metres for a total of $16 and I made:
1 skirt
1 bag
1 purse
2 tissue holders
2 hair clips and 4 other covered buttons - one of which I used for my bag closure.

I had some left over floral fabric for the lining of the bag and also some wadding. I made up the pattern.

I found a couple of cute little things at the local market a few weeks ago. A lovely china heart, which I washed and filled with pot pourri and put new ribbon on it and it is hanging up and making my clothes smell nice. I also found this little pepper pot. I actually have a collection of Royal Doulton Roses china, so I love cream or white china with little roses on. These aren't doulton, but are pretty and only cost me $2 each.

25 February 2009

Going spotty

Not itchy spots - fabric spots!
I made a skirt today. Dear daughter inspired me once again. I made up my own pattern for this wrap skirt with darts for shaping. Here is a pic - not a very good photo because I took it myself, but you get the general idea. The skirt can be tied at the back or at the side. It is really comfortable.

I also made some tissue holders and hair slides and a little purse with some scraps of fabric. Some of the patterns are in the latest issue of "Get Creative" magazine, which I subscribed to for this year. It has some great ideas.

I hope you are all well and happy.

I have been diagnosed with a hernia. I thought I felt something abnormal in my stomach and I am actually glad to know it is not sinister. I can live with it and only have to have an operation if it gets larger. Keeping my fingers crossed xx

19 February 2009

Vintage chenille

I bought a new doona cover recently and decided to sew some cushions for my bed. I found some vintage chenille squares on ebay and have made these cushions. I even covered my own buttons. Oh dear, now I want to make more covered buttons. Why do I get obsessed by everything I do? If I make one, I need to make 20 - help!!! -

Sewing really keeps my mind off eating though!!!

16 February 2009

My Rose

I am a Lavender Rose

I represent love at first sight and enchantment.

My vibe: intense and intriguing

Falling in love with me is: deep and meaningful

11 February 2009

Thinking of others

My thoughts are with those who have lost family, friends and homes in the horrific Victorian bushfires and those who are working so hard to help put out the fires and look after the survivors.