19 February 2009

Vintage chenille

I bought a new doona cover recently and decided to sew some cushions for my bed. I found some vintage chenille squares on ebay and have made these cushions. I even covered my own buttons. Oh dear, now I want to make more covered buttons. Why do I get obsessed by everything I do? If I make one, I need to make 20 - help!!! -

Sewing really keeps my mind off eating though!!!


jen said...

ohhhhhh they are gorgeous !!!

Karen said...

Very nice pillows....bet they look all "decoratory" on teh bed.
You could make covered buttons as presents if that takes the guilt out of the obsession...I was given some very nice hand embroidered ones at Christmas that I intend to incorporate into a quilt I am making ( when there isn't a cat sitting on it)

Chris H said...

Ha ha, sewing... I was supposed to make ONE Cathedral Window Block for my patchwork class... eeerrr... so far I have made 10! I'm like you!

Suzy said...

Karen: good idea about the buttons for presents :-)

Julie's journey said...

You should open an online shop. They are gorgeous. And anything that stops you eating has to be a good thing, doesnt it?

Me said...

What a talented lady you are (but then we have all known that for a long long time) - you complete the most amazing projects ! Well done on what you have accomplished.
Have a great day !

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Well done...they are gorgeous!
Nice to see you blogging again... hows your health??
We still havent managed to catch up yet!!
What are you doing tomorrow???

amanda j said...
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