31 March 2009

Knitting and WW

There has been lots of knitting. I was so pleased with my vintage button cardi. The buttons from the market matched my Bendigo wool perfectly.
The two cardigans I made up using this calculator:

It is fantastic! I have actually inserted some excel formulas in mine, so I don't have to do any calculating.

I have ordered this wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills and these vintage buttons are on their way (from Ebay). That should keep me busy for a while. Bendigo has some new Aran wool colours coming soon. I was going to wait, but couldn't. Oh well, I can always order some more then.

This is another bargain I picked up from the market for $10!!!!. Keeping me inspired on the eating front. My wine and chocolate intake however is another story!!!!


Chris H said...

OH I love the cardi's! Love the buttons too! I love different buttons!
Good score on the WW stuff too!

Katt said...

i loooooooove the knitting!! and the buttons..and well im waiting for Bendigo to bring out their new 10ply shades that i have heard murmurs about so i can buy..

(hehe my word verification is "aussi" how did they know?)

Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

Lovely to see you around. What a stylish cardi. And a few little bargains too. Well done you! Z xx

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

I love your cardi's also...
I hope you back to 100% health now...
Gotta love the markets!!