22 April 2009

Good luck Em!

My Dear Grand-daughter left Tasmania yesterday on a trip to Gallipoli, France and Belgium. She wrote a 1000 word essay in a Statewide competition and was one of six students chosen to go. She is 15, she will be away for 18 nights and she will be at ANZAC cove for the dawn service on ANZAC day. What an experience for a little girl!!!
I know it will be a wonderful experience for her and I wanted her to go, but I will be glad when she is safely home again on the 8th of May.

Have a wonderful time Em! I am so proud of you. You are a gorgeous girl (you always have been).

13 April 2009

Rustic Elm Cardi

I have finished another cardi. Here are the details:

My Rustic Elm Cardi

Bendigo 12 ply Rustic (2 x 200g balls)
Gauge is 16.5 stitches = 4 inches stocking stitch
Size 6mm circular needles (at least 24 inch)
Set of 4 6mm needles for armbands

Using the Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan instructions:

I need 74 or so stitches to start the neck of the cardi for a 16inch neck (loose neckline). I cast on 84 stitches - an extra 10 stitches for a wider band on one side. I knitted 3 rows moss stitch and then made three buttons holes on one side in the next row. (three or four stitches in between each button hole.) Then 3 more rows moss stitch ending on the wrong side of work. I cast off 10 sts at the beginning of next row - buttonhole side) 74 sts remaining and then purled one row, setting up stitch markers

8 sts moss stitch (band) (Moss stitch - seed stitch is one plain stitch , one purl and the next row is one purl, one plain stitch)
7 st place marker (front sts)
10 sts place marker - these are sleeve sts
24 sts place marker - these are back sts
10sts place marker - these are sleeve sts
7 sts stocking stitch (these are front sts) and then
8 moss stitch (band)
total 74sts

(Remembering to always knit the first and last 8 stitches moss stitch for band) I then knitted stocking stitch, increasing 1 stitch each side of the markers until the raglan was long enough. My raglan was 8 inches from start of raglan (under the neckband) to underarm.

I then knitted front, slipped sleeve stitches on to a piece of yarn for later, cast on 6 stitches under arm (placing a stitch marker in the middle of the six stitches ), joined back stitches, cast on another 6 stitches for under arm(placing stitch marker in the middle of the six stitches), slipped sleeve stitches on scrap yarn, knitted other front stitches. Only the two side stitch markers are needed now. Others can be taken off.

I continued knitting body of cardi for four inches no shaping.
(For my shape) I then knit to first stitch marker (side of body) and knit two together each side of marker. Knit to next marker and knit two together each side of marker.

Continue stocking stitch for another 2 inches and knit two together each side of markers.

Continue stocking stitch for another 2 inches and increase one stitch after first marker, and increase one stitch before next stitch marker.

Continue stocking stitch until body is long enough.
Knit band in moss stitch for 12 rows. Cast off in moss stitch.
Pick up stitches around each armhole and knit 3 rows moss stitch. Cast off in moss stitch.

Stretch out extra piece of band across left side of cardi. Sew one button on moss stitch band to match with buttonhole and sew the other two buttons on cardigan body in line with other buttonholes (just under neck band). Sew in any ends and it is done!

Using the Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan instructions there is no need to stress about counting stitches once the neck is cast on correctly and the stitch markers are set up. An extra stitch here or there doesn’t matter. Just keep the bands correct in whatever pattern is chosen ( rib, moss stitch, or just plain). I don’t change needle size for the bands on my cardigans, as I like the bottom and neck band loose. I may change needle size for bands on a sweater, depending on what I want it to feel and look like.

Please don't copy this pattern without my permission.
Any questions - send me a message. It has not been test knit by anyone else but me.