24 July 2009

Celtic Plait Cardi

Here are some rough notes for the pattern for my Celtic Plait Cardi.

Celtic Plait Cardi
(fits 36 to 38 inch bust)

I knit this with 2 balls (400grams – 540 metres) of Bendigo Rustic 12 ply wool , using 6mm circular needles.
Gauge 16.5 stitches per 4 inches (stocking stitch)
I cast on 29 stitches and knit the “Celtic Plait” pattern, which is a cable pattern worked over a multiple of 10 + 5 (minimum 25) stitches plus I made a border of 2 purl stitches each side of the cable.

I found the pattern on page 90 of the 1985 “The Harmony guide to knitting stitches”. You may be able to find another similar cable pattern elsewhere, just make sure it measures about 3 and a half inches.

Knit the cable pattern for 30 inches.
At this stage with this cable pattern I noticed that I wouldn’t need to make any buttonholes, as it is easy to push a button through the gap between the cables, so I cast off.
If you use a different cable pattern you may like to knit 2 rows stocking stitch, make three or four buttonholes across the third row, work one row and then cast off.

This becomes the yoke of the cardi.

Pick up 120 stitches along the side of the cable yoke.
8 stitches (band) place marker, 16 stitches (front)place marker, 19 stitches (sleeve)place marker,34 stitches (back) place marker, 19 stitches (sleeve) place marker, 16 stitches(front)place marker, 8 stitches (band) place marker. = total 120 stitches.
First row:
With right side facing –
Moss stitch 8 stitches, then knit , increasing one stitch each side of all other markers (except band markers) until 8 stitches remain. Moss stitch last 8 stitches.
2nd row
Moss stitch 8 stitches, purl until last 8 stitches, moss stitch 8 stitches.

Keeping moss stitch pattern correct for bands, continue increasing on all knit rows each side of markers (except front band markers) until raglan is 5 inches long (or length required).

With right side facing and keeping bands in moss stitch, knit across to first sleeve stitches. Transfer sleeve stitches to holder and cast on 8 stitches and continue knitting back stitches. Transfer sleeve stitches to holder and cast on 8 stitches and continue knitting front stitches.
Continue in stocking stitch for body (keeping bands correct in moss stitch) and making side shaping at waistline if you wish, until body measures 12 inches – or length desired.
Knit 10 rows moss stitch all the way across to make bottom band of cardi. Cast off in moss stitch.

Now transfer sleeve stitches to circular needle– picking up eight stitches under arm .
Knit 1 row.
Then moss stitch for 5 rows in the round. Cast off in moss stitch.
Repeat for other sleeve.

Place buttons on an angle on your top cable yoke band as shown:

Sew in ends and you are finished!!!!!

Please do not copy this pattern without my permission.
If you knit this cardi I would love to see a photo. Any questions – send me a message


Wanna_B_slimmer said...

I love the story about your letters and post cards... Shame we dont do more of it ourselves...
I love your cardi... shame I hate knitting! Doesnt grow fast enough for me..i would be 80 before I finished it! Good to see you are still about and that you havent been washed away or frozen stiff!
Take care...

knitandpiece said...

I love your cardigan - the design and the colour. I think I will just have to try that calculator. I found you on Ravelry because I have just cast on for a Liesel in 12 ply rustic Damson - and I came across yours. I love that Damson.

Me said...

I hope all is well with you !
Take care.

Julie said...

Hi Suzy. I finished the cardi and you can see it in Ravelry on my project page (sewknitful). Great pattern! Thank you so much!

Grete said...

Very beautiful!