28 September 2009

We need some sun

We really need more than one day of sunlight in a row to kill all the nasty germs that are lurking around at the moment. Some of my nearest and dearest have been really unwell - in fact Dear Eldest Grand-daughter was in hospital for most of last week and is now slowly recovering at home.
I feel like I have been in hibernation for the winter and I am totally over it.
I cleaned out my pantry cupboard today and I won't even tell you how many out of date foods I found. Anyway, all clean and fresh now and ready for warmer weather and lighter foods.
I have a couple of kilos to lose before summer and I feel more than ready to do that.

We bought a new PC the other day. We already had a new screen, so it wasn't too much of an expense. Wow! I can't believe the speed of this new one. It is fantastic. Makes me wonder why I put up with the old one for so long. My laptop may get a rest now.

Now off to do some more spring cleaning .................... :-)