28 September 2009

We need some sun

We really need more than one day of sunlight in a row to kill all the nasty germs that are lurking around at the moment. Some of my nearest and dearest have been really unwell - in fact Dear Eldest Grand-daughter was in hospital for most of last week and is now slowly recovering at home.
I feel like I have been in hibernation for the winter and I am totally over it.
I cleaned out my pantry cupboard today and I won't even tell you how many out of date foods I found. Anyway, all clean and fresh now and ready for warmer weather and lighter foods.
I have a couple of kilos to lose before summer and I feel more than ready to do that.

We bought a new PC the other day. We already had a new screen, so it wasn't too much of an expense. Wow! I can't believe the speed of this new one. It is fantastic. Makes me wonder why I put up with the old one for so long. My laptop may get a rest now.

Now off to do some more spring cleaning .................... :-)


2paw said...

Hope EGD is feeling much better now, there have been so many colds and viruses going around, maybe they are breeding in the damp. It has been sunny thus far today, we have been sitting outside!!!
It is Spring cleaning weather though!! Glad you are back!!!

Chris H said...

I hope your grand daughter is much better now.
summer is coming... how neat!!!! I'm a summer person for sure.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Hasnt the weather been terrible Suzy! I am sooo over the swamp in my backyard... and the water everywhere... Hope you are ok..Longtime no hear!

Julie's journey said...

Hope summer comes quickly for you and you can send some rain our way. Weather is lovely (except for dust storm last week) but everything is so dry and today is the first day of the bushfire season. Hope your grand daughter is much better.

Katt said...

i hope eldest granddaughter is feeling much better. i saw it on Mandys facebook. poor thing!!

the weather is slowly improving with the sun! lovely today i even have washing out on the line!!

i can relate to the expired things! lol we are spring cleaning here too.

glad to see you back in the blog world too.