29 October 2009

Mini vegie pasties

Flowers from my garden. Winter is over (thank goodness)!!

I found a yummy recipe for Mini Vegie pasties here:
They are delicious. I used reduced fat puff pastry sheets. I only added one egg and I didn't have any sesame seeds, but they still turned out well. We had a birthday lunch for one of the girls at work and it is hard to come up with different things to to take, but these were nice and easy and yummy as well.

12 October 2009

Building in the country

We are building a house! How exciting! Not for a year or so, but we bought a block of land today and will spend the next year or so planning our new house. I want a vegie garden and some chickens (for eggs). We are right near a pretty riverbank, so I look forward to lots of picnics and walks along the river.

03 October 2009

Bamboo and green tea

I am knitting with 100% bamboo. It is SO soft. It will be a summer cardi when I am finished. I designed a top down raglan with lace panels on each side. The panels finish just below the bust and the bottom is stocking stitch. It is progressing slowly but surely.

I am not knitting with green tea, I am drinking it. When I had the flu a couple of weeks ago I lived on lemon and honey drinks. I am now drinking green tea with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a dash of honey and my appetite and my waist are shrinking! All good!