27 November 2009

Life's not boring

Knitting project bag

Cauliflower and cheese pies

First spuds growing on our new block of land

I found my first four leaf clover - near our block - very lucky sign for me!

My latest cardigan is finished. Cleckheaton Bamboo (knit yarn double). I absolutely love the vintage buttons which I bought on Etsy.


2paw said...

Your cardi is beautiful and the buttons are Perfect!! Good luck with your new block and the potatoes!!!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

You are a powerhouse with those needles!!!! Love that one too!
Cheese and cauli pies look yummy too... How long til you start to build?

jen said...

Gorgeous cardi...love it !!

Katt said...

love the cardi!! and those buttons are just gorgeous!

my spuds are growing well too. one has just started flowering so hopefully soon wont be long for them!!

you are doing super well with that Bamboo yarn! i so gotta get organised and get using what i have of it.

Julie's journey said...

You are amazing with your knitting. Might have to employ you to knit my cardigan. Dont think I am ever going to find the time.