05 February 2010

Gourmet prawns!

I made this delicious prawn recipe this week. It is based on a recipe I found in "Mix 'n' Match Quick Menus" 1998, a fantastic recipe book I bought on one of my Op Shopping ventures.

500g green prawns
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 sachet tomato paste
2 teaspoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce
2 cloves garlic
6 chopped sundried tomatoes
1/2 a red capsicum (sliced into strips)
1 tablespoon lime juice
bunch of spinach leaves

Heat oil and add prawns, Cook for 1 minute each side. Take out of pan and set aside.
Add tomato paste, sweet chilli sauce, garlic, brown sugar, capsicum and sundried tomatoes to pan and cook for 1 minute, stirring all the time.
Toss prawns and spinach through mixture and cook for a further minute or so until all prawns are cooked. Sprinkle lime juice over the top.

I served them with shelf fresh noodles which only need to be heated in boiling water while the prawns are in their final stage of cooking. Strain the noodles, serve on plates and pile the prawns on top.


I was once too scared to buy green prawns as I didn't know they were so easy to cook. Talk about FAST FOOD!!


2paw said...

That looks absolutely delicious. I shall have to bookmark this so I can make it soon.

Katt said...

oh now that looks divine!! and i dont often like eating prawns!!!


Julie's journey said...

Will give this a go too. Is it for 2 or 4?

suzy said...

With my husband it serves 2. He always has a second helping. Otherwise I would say three large serves or 4 smaller ones.