10 February 2010

Tomato seeds

I bought some gardening magazines at the market on Sunday and I am trying to learn some gardening techniques for my garden at my new home. I haven't really had much interest in gardening until now. I am sick of tasteless vegetables and we will have enough yard to make some garden beds.

I read an interesting article on how to dry tomato seeds.The article said to scoop out the seeds and put them in a strainer and then wash them by dipping the strainer into a bowl of water. Then strain the water off and place the seeds on paper towel. When they are completely dry they can be kept for later planting. Instead of trying to get the seeds off the paper towel, just cut a square around the seeds and plant the square of seeds, paper towel included. What a great idea!!

A dear old man brought some home grown tasty tomatoes into work yesterday, so I thought I would save some seeds for planting. I will let you know if it works next year!


Julie's journey said...

We had two tomato plants come up in the compost heap just sitting beside the pool waiting to go into an empty garden. Since we aren't ready to replant we actually planted these plants in the garden and we have had stacks of beautiful sweet little tomatoes for weeks. It has now become part of Mark's day to go and collect and show me how many we have. Serious thinking about making this garden a vegie garden rather than ornamental. Let me know how you go.

Chris H said...

What a great tip! I must do that with some of the tomatoes I have grown this year. Thanks for that.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Yum... nothing better than home grown veg!!!