03 March 2010

Herbs and chia cookies

Why should the Bakeries have all the fun. I have added Chia seeds to my choc chip cookies. It makes them much healthier, I'm sure.
I am going to add some Chia seeds to my bread next time I bake a loaf.
I hope we don't start sprouting Chias!!

I am growing some herbs on my kitchen windowsill during autumn and winter.

and I bought this sprouter from the health food shop. I am sprouting some Alfalfa, broccoli and radish seeds to eat. How exciting watching them grow each day!!

I know - I need to get out more!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2paw said...

You are so up with the trends!! I have actually tasted the bread and it is a bit strange at first but I liked it. Does the chia cancel out the chocolate???!!!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

I actually have a loaf of the Gluten free bread with Chia seeds.. bought from one of the health food shops in town... I love it.. But dont eat much of it as it is quite heavy bread...
Chia is the new "in" thing isnt it!!

Julie's journey said...

Your herbs look so healthy. I have never heard of chia. Maybe I need to get out more.