16 June 2010

Keep your fingers crossed

Please keep your fingers (and everything else) crossed for me. Someone looked at our house today and really, really liked it. She has already sold her house and is ready to buy - so here's hoping!!

Lady Kina is finished. I really love this new wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mill. It is called "Highlands". The colour is "Ness". The cardigan took two 200g balls.

I made up a vest with the other 200g ball I bought. It is slightly short, but it will be OK with a longer top under. I knit it in the round, bottom up (so no side seams). I then worked on the back stitches until the back was finished and then started on the upper front. I sewed up the top seams and then knit the rib neckband and arm bands.
I am going to knit a longer vest and will write down the instructions as I go.
This is "Highlands" too. The colour is "Cinder".


2paw said...

Fingers crossed!!!
Love, love, love the cardigan!!
I ahve some Cinders, I hope it felts because I am knitting some slippers to felt!! It's nice, but not green!!

Julie's journey said...

everything is crossed as requested.
your knitting as usual is supberb

Chris H said...

My fingers are crossed for you! Love the wool.

jen said...

Ohhh fingers are crossed....

Me said...

I hope by now you have had some news re the lady who really liked your home - fingers, legs, arms and eyes crossed just in case she is still deciding !!!
Love the jumper you knitted - I have recently bought somethng very similar from Rivers - probably should have had a bash at knitting it myself before buying it although it was only $12 !!!