02 June 2010

Rhubarb cakes and knitting

I made some Rhubarb cupcakes today. I used the recipe from my last post for the cake mix. I spooned some cake mixture into the patty pans and then spooned in a teaspoon of stewed rhubarb (I had cooked the rhubarb with some brown sugar and a splash of vanilla essence and allowed rhubarb to cool). Then I spooned some more cake mixture on top.

I mixed up a teaspoon of butter, a tablespoon of brown sugar and some cinnamon and then sprinkled some of this mixture on top of the cupcakes and baked them in a 190 degree C oven for about 15 minutes. Very yummy!

I hadn't been knitting for ages, and I really miss it, so while I am waiting on some more wool from Bendigo Woollen Mill I have started a black cardigan. It is the "Radiate" pattern like my pink one.

I am looking forward to my new wool though. It's a new wool called "Highlands" and the colour I have chosen is "Ness". Of course it will be another cardigan - maybe one called "Lady Kina" which I found on Ravelry :

Dear eldest grand-daughter turned 17 the other day! And dear son turned 33. I had my 54th birthday too. We had a very busy week that week.

I bought dear son a slow cooker and a great new Slow Cooker recipe book by Sally Wise - Keep an eye out for it. It is really good!
Dear son is living by himself now and works two very long days in each shift, so was finding it hard to take decent meals with him. He has been cooking from the book and says the recipes are "awesome".

We have some preliminary plans for our new house. It should be finished before Christmas. How exciting!!!

I forgot to tell you:
I really want one of these -

British shorthair blue kitten. I have to wait until we move though.


Chris H said...

Those rhubarb cupcakes look delicious!
That is just like my slow cooker, which I used today for a lovely beef casserole!
OOOO a new house.. how exciting!
Cute wee kitten... we just got a new puppy.

2paw said...

Mmm I love rhubarb and your rhubarb muffins look so yummy.
How exciting about your house!!!!
Happy Birthday all round!!!

Me said...

Are there any left if I pop in for tea ????? They look delicious !
Funny I was just saying to K the day before yesterday that I haven't knitted for ages - not sure why but I need to pull it out again as I really enjoy sitting and knitting when I am watching TV.
I love the slow cooked - nothing beats a meal in the slow cooker when you get home from work and all you have to do is dish it up and eat.
Have a great day and take care !

Julie's journey said...

Was starting to get a bit worried. So glad to hear from you.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

As soon as I saw your update on bloglines I was hoping there would be something about your new house!!!
How exciting!!!
Must be seriously time to catch up for coffee at our meeting place last time... plz get in touch!

Zanna, travelling tart said...

They're tightly crossed - and my toes too! Zxx