12 July 2010

Help - My home is gone

I have managed to turn my home into a house full of boxes. Please tell me it will all be worth it in November !


jen said...

It will be worth it Suzy...it really will.

Chris H said...

I am sure it will be!

Margaret said...

Hi Suzy. Congratulations on your house selling. It will be so exciting to be in a new house, even though I am sure it will be sad to say goodbye to your beautiful home and deck with the view. You are so organised to already be packed.

Scrolling down I saw your recipe for rhubarb cupcakes. I love rhubarb and on Friday just gone I had a small rhubarb cheesecake. It was devine. So I think I shall just have to try your recipe and introduce my children to the wonderful flavours. x