21 September 2010

Up goes the house, down goes the weight

How very exciting!!!!

Well hopefully the weight is going down! My scales are in storage. Probably a good thing, cause I don't really want to know the number.
I have been on a long walk the last six days.
I am going to my first aqua fitness session tomorrow morning.
I have been eating sensibly.
I have given up the Crunchies.
Surely the tyre should start shrinking soon!!!!!!!!!

16 September 2010

Fitness down, fatness up

OK, so it is time to lose the spare tyre around my middle. Between menopause, shingles, bursitis of the hip, stress of selling our house and total lack of motivation, my spare tyre this winter is the size of a truck not a car! I haven't got a muffin top, I AM a muffin!!!!

Extra work will be needed to get rid of it starting TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait until my house is built to start getting some exercise, I need to start NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been for a long walk to buy salad vegetables. Atlantic salmon and salad for tea tonight. Of course some oven fry chips will have to make their way on to my plate, but only half as many as usual.

I need help with my latest addiction.Crunchies!!!!

I have been enquiring about Aquafitness. I don't really like to swim unless the weather is really, really hot, but I can't wait for that in Tasmania so I may try this low impact form of exercise.

13 September 2010

A house takes shape

We have foundations! Things should slowly start to take shape soon. It is exciting and scary at the same time.
We are renting a tiny furnished flat until our house is built. On the couch under the window is a beautiful hand knitted bedspread. The owner of the flat told me her mother knitted it a long time ago. She searched for her mother's knitting pattern and gave me a copy. I spent days trying to knit a star and finally mastered it. It makes a beautiful heirloom bedspread. Hopefully I will knit a bedspread one day.

I have written a knitting pattern for some fingerless mitts. I named them "I Heart Knitting Mitts". The pattern can be found at www.ravelry.com

I hope all is well in your World!