16 September 2010

Fitness down, fatness up

OK, so it is time to lose the spare tyre around my middle. Between menopause, shingles, bursitis of the hip, stress of selling our house and total lack of motivation, my spare tyre this winter is the size of a truck not a car! I haven't got a muffin top, I AM a muffin!!!!

Extra work will be needed to get rid of it starting TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait until my house is built to start getting some exercise, I need to start NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been for a long walk to buy salad vegetables. Atlantic salmon and salad for tea tonight. Of course some oven fry chips will have to make their way on to my plate, but only half as many as usual.

I need help with my latest addiction.Crunchies!!!!

I have been enquiring about Aquafitness. I don't really like to swim unless the weather is really, really hot, but I can't wait for that in Tasmania so I may try this low impact form of exercise.


Margaret said...

I have a few friends who 'aqua-fit' and they love it. Most have issues with knees / hips / ankles and say after a few sessions they have seen an improvement and the water really does help take the body weight off those joints. AND, as the water is usually indoors and heated, the weather outside doesn't impede on them. Good luck. Hope you find a lesson nearby.

Zanna said...

I know it's so tough - those kilos are always just lurking in the background - turn your back for a minute and they just leap onto you! And those crunchies - especially if they've been in the freezer and then you take them out and eat a sliver at a time! I just don't buy them!! Nuff said. Zxx

jen said...

Yes Suzy those darn kilo's creep up very quickly!! And any aqua work is great excersise...just wish the hour session they had here would fit in with my time schedule!