13 September 2010

A house takes shape

We have foundations! Things should slowly start to take shape soon. It is exciting and scary at the same time.
We are renting a tiny furnished flat until our house is built. On the couch under the window is a beautiful hand knitted bedspread. The owner of the flat told me her mother knitted it a long time ago. She searched for her mother's knitting pattern and gave me a copy. I spent days trying to knit a star and finally mastered it. It makes a beautiful heirloom bedspread. Hopefully I will knit a bedspread one day.

I have written a knitting pattern for some fingerless mitts. I named them "I Heart Knitting Mitts". The pattern can be found at www.ravelry.com

I hope all is well in your World!


2paw said...

Oh that is so very exciting, you must feel you are really going to have a house now.
Excellent star, I am sure if you just keep going it will be a bedspread!!
It's a nice pattern, I saw your mittens on The Ravelry!!

Chris H said...

Foundations... yaaa! How exciting.

Margaret said...

That star is just beautiful. You have such patience. I think it is such a nice thing to still make heirloom pieces, not enough of it these days.

And whoooo for new foundations :)

hee hee - my word verification is 'going' :)

jen said...

That star pattern is gorgeous, my mum crotchets a similar one!

woohooo on the foundations.