21 September 2010

Up goes the house, down goes the weight

How very exciting!!!!

Well hopefully the weight is going down! My scales are in storage. Probably a good thing, cause I don't really want to know the number.
I have been on a long walk the last six days.
I am going to my first aqua fitness session tomorrow morning.
I have been eating sensibly.
I have given up the Crunchies.
Surely the tyre should start shrinking soon!!!!!!!!!


Margaret said...

I can see the air coming out of the tyre as I type :) I am sure you will be tyre-less / tireless soon xx

jen said...

hey well done Suzy...keep de-flating !!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Wow.... how exciting!!! I know all about the winter muffin thing happeneing and chocolate has been by raising agent so to speak!!

Julie's journey said...

So exciting. Good luck with the weight shrinkage!