01 October 2010

Latest house pic and exercise news

I have been going to aqua-fitness classes twice a week and walking a lot. I really enjoy the exercises in the pool. They feel so much easier in the water and they still seem to be working.

At this stage my aches and pains are staying away, so I have entered the Burnie Ten! It is four years since I walked my last Burnie Ten and at last I think I can try again. I won't walk really fast, but I will finish the 10 kilometres on October

Our house is coming along slowly. The roof tiles go on next week.


jen said...

wowwwwwwwww the house is coming along very quickly...thou I guess not quick enough for you !!

Good luck with the Burnie walk.

Julie's journey said...

It is amazing how quickly it all comes together once it is actually started isnt it. I will be thinking of you on October 17.

Margaret said...

Good luck for the Burnie walk. I think I remember when you did it last :) You were sensational then and even more so now.

The house looks amazing. I think it is so exciting to see it go up like this. Can't wait to see the end product.

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