29 March 2011

Water, water everywhere

We had lots of rain in areas above our little town last week and there was a major flood in the South Esk River near our house. Even though this is what we saw from our windows we are WAY above the flood line and in no danger of ever flooding. It was quite spectacular to watch the normally quietly flowing river turn into a raging torrent with huge trees and branches racing down the river all day. It was the highest flood in 50 years here and Winter isn't even with us yet!

Yesterday I finished knitting a large, bulky jacket in preparation for colder days. I am calling it my Chunky Chick Jacket.


Melinda said...

I wouldn't mind one of those jackets as well. It looks so cosy.

Chris H said...

The river is scary, so glad your home is quite safe.
I love that jacket!

jen said...

Seen some of the debris from the floods you had when we were there in Feb...they sure must be scary.

Love the jacket :-)