29 June 2011

More chookies

Well Mervyn had to go to a new home. He was crowing and growing too much. I advertised on a forum to give him away to a good home and luckily received an answer from a chook breeder. The man brought me a Rhode Island White pullet in exchange and just happened to have two Gold Laced Wyandottes in his car. I instantly fell in love with them and bought them from him, so now I have four chookies!!
The man loved Mervyn and said he will breed from him, so lots more beautiful little Silver Laced Wyandottes will be coming into the World. I'm so glad he won't be eaten!

Here is Mervyn with Mary on his last day here.

....and here are my three new girls

Mavis is the white one, Meredith is in front and Miranda is behind. They aren't quite laying yet, but it won't be long.

Mary is laying about 4 to 5 eggs a week, so once they all start laying it will be fantastic! I had forgotten how delicious fresh, free range eggs taste and the yolks are so yellow and their shells are hard!
Mary wasn't too keen on her new housemates for the first few days and gave them a peck every time they came near. She is still strutting around like a rooster, but things seem to be settling down and they are becoming friends.


Julie's journey said...

So glad that Mervyn has gone to a good home and just love your newest additions. Turning into quite a chook farmer arent you. I miss the taste of fresh eggs and rely on the kindness of others. (He still hasnt given in on letting me have some chooks - damn his precious lawn.)

jen said...

ohhhhhh love all the chookies names...I name all mine too :-)
There is definetly nothing like a nice fresh egg ehhh?

Chris H said...

I had chooks 30 years ago.. but I didn't name them! Fresh eggs are soooo good.

Me said...

Oh I wish I had fresh eggs to eat !!!! Hope you are enjoying having the chooks around.
Take care !