05 June 2011

This deserves a blog post :-)

Mary laid her first egg! Great excitement!!! Maisie is Mervyn - so he won't be laying.

Knitting has been mainly hats and shawlettes.

I turned 55 last month! Getting fatter, but I'm not stressing over it. I have completely changed shape from an hourglass (albeit 48 hours) to an apple! Middle age spread has hit with a vengeance. Apart from that - all is well.
Hope all is well in your World :-)


Zanna said...

Gosh Mary is a beautiful chook - I love chooks - they actually have great personalities - I had a pet rooster as a child and have reared a few waifs over the years, but none so pretty as this lady. Know what you mean about apples!! Lol Love Zxx

Just smiling to myself that the word verification is 'henes'

jen said...

Good to see you back Suzy.
Zanna beat me to it...Mary is a gorgeous looking chook. We have 2 black & white speckley ones but nowhere as pretty as Mary.

Julie's journey said...

Yay an egg! At least someone is paying her way - you may have to talk sternly to the rooster (I cant remember his name - Mervan?)and ask him what his contribution is going to be.