03 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Well it is a beautiful warm beginning to 2012. I have a really good feeling about this year.
The last 12 months have mainly been spent establishing our new home and garden. I love living here. Not that I have much to do with the actual little town we live in, but I am happy with the position of our house - close to a riverbank, not far away from the "city", but far enough away to be peaceful.
Our vegetable garden has come along well. I didn't realise how much I actually enjoyed gardening until I had time to potter.

I have made pickled beetroot, Pumpkin Relish and Zucchini Pickle with our own vegetables. The recipes are all from Sally Wise "A Year in a Bottle" and they are delicious.
I have also made Raspberry Jam from frozen raspberries.

The "girls" are mostly laying quite well, but they are often going broody. I would not recommend Wyandottes for egg laying. They have such a strong desire to hatch chickens and I can't seem to talk them out of it. I have to separate them when one goes broody, otherwise the broody hen just sits on the nest all day and doesn't eat or drink and stops the others from laying. They are my pets though, so I will keep them.

During the year we adopted Monty. He is a grey shorthair kitten. He is a great cat. He sleeps in our garage. I don't like cats indoors. My son and grandchildren are allergic to cats. Monty is quite happy playing outside during the day and guarding the garage from mice at night.

I knitted some doll's clothes for a Christmas present for my step grand-daughter. I bought Jemima and knitted her some clothes.

I actually made an effort and lost 7 kilos the last three months. I have gained back a kilo or so over Christmas but that is to be expected - too much yummy food and wine.

I hope 2012 is a happy year for us all. xx


Zanna said...

Hey lovely to hear from you and glad all is well in your world. All the best for 2012

Me said...

Glad to see you back !!!! Sounds like you made the right move. Al loves pottering around in the garden although no veggie garden for us - not enough space and I am sure that the two dogs would dig/eat anything we planted before we got to it !!!
Have a great year - well done on the loss - this year I am working on losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

jen said...

Well done on the loss, great effort !!
My chooks must be related to yours as I have 2 that go broody all the time.
mmm those relishes look deeelicious!

Julie's journey said...

Happy New Year Suzy!
As you know I covet your chooks and I've just found out Jen has some too. Life is so unfair.
May 2012 be just as enjoyable.
PS Food parcels accepted here too.